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Forest bathing in the Black Forest
Forest bathing in the Black Forest

Forest bathing in the Black Forest


The scent of nature in the form of freshly cut grass or the pleasant rustling of tree leaves in the wind have been relaxing for nature fans when bathing in the forest since the early 80s. “Shinrin-Yoku” (forest bathing) originally comes from Japan and is now also celebrated in Germany. With bathing in the refreshing forest air, which is hardly polluted by pollutants, health-promoting effects can be set in motion, if the persons concerned are open to such activities. Above all, the airways are ventilated and the cardiovascular system is relieved of everyday life through relaxation and deceleration. In the Black Forest, forest bathing has become Wellness Unity firmly established, similar to a long walk in the forest, the forest bathing also works, but in many cases even more intense.

Pull the emergency brake with the forest bathing

Everyday life is becoming more and more hectic, day after day the demands of everyday life await each one and have to be mastered. By moving carefully and consciously in the forest, the gears in the body are downshifted and the body functions, which often run at full speed without interruption, return to normal. It is possible to do without the cell phone for a while; in the forest it is simply switched off. Instead of the cell phone acoustics with electro smog, you perceive nature and the scent of the forest with all your senses. Walking meditations enrich the experience in the forest and if you want, you can hug one of the trees and hold on to the tree in stormy times.

Respect the forest ecosystem

In the forest there is an ecosystem that humans should not confuse in order to be able to enjoy the power of the forest for a long time. Smoking is a taboo in the forest, because a forest fire destroys the forest ecosystem forever. High seats are only there for the foresters, access for visitors to the forest is not allowed. Plantings of all kinds become a visual relaxation zone that must not be entered because the following guests want to benefit from the sight. Nesting sites are a welcome opportunity to watch the birds rearing their brood and to listen to the birds singing instead of the cell phone ringing.

Escape the constant time pressure for a while

Not everyone can put together their own schedule; in the industrialized and civilized world, it is unavoidable to use the schedules of other business partners as a guide. Cooperation can only work if all schedules are perfectly coordinated. Aligning with other colleagues' schedules can sooner or later lead to physical discomfort because your own biorhythm falls short. Now is the time for forest bathing for all those who don't want to wait until they burn out. The stressful time pressure of everyday life quickly evaporates and the body can relax and finally breathe the fresh forest air again. Such a stay in the forest gives the stressed city dweller the chance to relax.

In addition to forest bathing, you can also find mindfulness and calm with lots of yoga and meditation. Also one Yoga trip would be a great alternative to learning yoga on vacation

Exhaust gases and fine dust as the dark side of the big city

Life in the big city has many advantages, short distances to shopping and to work. Exhaust gases or fine dust also make city life a burden, because respiratory diseases such as asthma are particularly common in cities. Forest bathing is an opportunity to escape the harmful mix of exhaust gases and fine dust for a while and to have more opportunities for healthy breathing in the forest. Green is one of the favorite colors for many people, stress symptoms in the city such as racing blood pressure or racing heart can be significantly reduced when looking at the large green areas in the forest. Terpenes are one of the chemical messenger substances that the forest emits. When bathing in the forest, the terpenes are inhaled and relieve the immune system if there are no other diseases.

The battery of the body's own defense cells is replenished when bathing in the forest

Those who hardly manage to fully recover from illnesses can help the body's own immune cells while bathing in the forest to recharge as much as it is possible in individual cases. With a total area of ​​11.100 km², the Black Forest holiday region is one of the largest areas in Germany. Only a fraction of the diversity of the region can be seen on the postcards Treat yourself to a regeneration break. Visitor records with around 8 million guests in 2018 show that many people really enjoy being in the wellness region. There is definitely enough space for additional guests if the reservation is made as early as possible.

Forget the gray everyday life while bathing in the forest in the forest bathroom

The increase in vitality with the desired boost in performance is only possible through the reduction of unnecessary stress, forest air bathtubs make a stay in the Black Forest an exciting event is. Nature experience offers are the trend of the times and the "Institute for Forest Breathing and Nature Experience" makes it possible to take part in a guided tour by arrangement. Top sporting performance after swimming in the forest is often not necessary at all, monitor-tired and overloaded eyes become relaxed when taking a leisurely stroll through the forest.

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