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Bitcoin in the Black Forest?

The Black Forest is very popular with tourists every year. This is hardly surprising, as the Black Forest is unique in Germany. Because it is the largest contiguous low mountain range. Here you will not only find picturesque villages, evergreen forests and spas and Cuckoo, there has also been a Bitcoin machine for a few months.

Cryptocurrencies are a dime a dozen today. But few were able to establish themselves over the years. So you can for example very comfortably via the Internet Buy iota. This crypto currency had a strong phase and is particularly suitable for beginners due to the low costs. Nevertheless, it is important to deal with the entire topic before buying virtual currencies. There are also costs associated with the purchase. Then the Iota course are constantly monitored if you want to find a suitable point to sell.

In the Black Forest itself, more precisely in Villingen-Schwenningen, there has been a Bitcoin machine for a while. On request, euros and francs can be exchanged for the crypto currency on this. The whole thing is saved in the digital wallet, the so-called e-wallet. The machine is located on the market square in Villingen-Schwenningen in the BunBun Burger. If you are interested, you can buy Bitcoin here from 10 euros. A maximum limit is not known. In addition to Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC) and Ethereum (ETH) are also offered. A fee of 5 percent is charged for every purchase regardless of the virtual currency selected.

The purchase of cryptocurrencies is possible up to an amount of 2.000 euros without an identification check. If more than 2.000 euros are invested in the virtual currency, a legitimation check is carried out. A mobile phone number and an identification document are required for this. The machine is operated by Coin Fellows. A nice side effect is that in the BunBun Burger you can pay with the crypto currency straight away.

In contrast to other countries, such as the USA, it turns out that use in Germany is still quite limited. Although many offer the payment option when ordering online, for example, the cryptocurrency is rarely accepted in local shops. But here too there are exceptions. Interested parties can find in Stuttgart, Radolfzell, Göppingen, Freiburg, Nürtingen and other cities already have shops that accept the crypto currency on site.

Probably the best-known option for paying with virtual currency is to order a pizza. With Lieferando is doing well and at the same time you can still pay with cryptocurrency. More than 15.000 restaurants take part nationwide. Thus, even if you are not on vacation in the Black Forest, you always have the option of ordering something to eat with the cryptocurrency in your e-wallet.

There are also some hotels and platforms for vacation rentals that accept this method of payment. Anyone who has already thought about what things to do with the Hotel selection in the Black Forest should be considered, you may also find the option to pay with the cryptographic currency. For example, family vacation can then be realized from financial resources that come from the pure exchange rate gains. Although trading in Iota, Bitcoin or Ethereum is purely speculative, it has been shown time and again in the past that profits can still be made. However, the prerequisite is that the investor is aware of the risks and knows that it is also possible to lose the capital invested.