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Hexenlochmühle near Furtwangen


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Location: Furtwangen

Furtwangen is the highest town in Baden-Württemberg. Between 850 m and 1.150 m above sea level it lies in an attractive landscape in the upper Bregtal of the Central Black Forest in the headwaters of the Danube. A flourishing economy, sights and a diverse range of leisure and cultural activities make the watch city so liveable and lovable.

Furtwangen, with around 10.000 inhabitants, has succeeded in mediating between tradition and modernity in an exemplary manner. Above all, the use of HFU (Hochschule Furtwangen University), a university for technology and economy, and industry on the one hand preserves the legacy of a historically grown branch of industry and on the other hand successfully accentuates economic changes. The happy combination of tradition and modernity has already resulted in numerous innovative achievements. For example, the computer science course at HFU developed a self-navigating trimaran that can sail around the world without a crew.

The "German Watch Museum" is at home here, as is the renowned antique watch exchange. The international ski competitions "Rund-um-Neukirch" and the Black Forest Bike Marathon are held in Furtwangen and the surrounding area. More than 120 clubs and numerous private initiatives fill the city with a rich cultural life. Last but not least, from Furtwangen you can head for wonderful destinations for an excursion into nature.

As a sub-center in the Schwarzwald-Baar district and in the Heuberg region, the city of Furtwangen provides its surroundings with educational and service facilities and offers citizens a high quality of life. A university, three grammar schools, one of which has a secondary school train, and a commercial and industrial vocational school are a good starting point for young people.

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