With the Caprio through the Black Forest

In a convertible through the Black Forest


The Black Forest is the most important tourist region in Baden-Württemberg. Throughout the year, numerous guests from home and abroad spend their holidays in one of the spas, health resorts, farming or wine-growing villages in the Black Forest.

Driving a convertible - that special driving experience

The Black Forest owes its name to the huge fir forests. The thickest fir tree in the southern Black Forest is only one kilometer away from the "Hüsli" local history museum. The picturesque holiday resorts of the Black Forest are easily accessible by car. In summer, many travelers are out and about in convertibles to experience nature even more intensively. However, the convertible top in particular needs some attention. With the right care the convertible fabric roof looks better and stays sealed longer. The convertible top is usually made of plastic material and is therefore very susceptible to moisture, heat and cold. When caring for the convertible roof should always

the gentlest method should be preferred. The convertibles that are on the road in the Black Forest include many used models from well-known automobile brands such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes. There are also used convertibles from VW, Fiat, Renault, Peugeot and other renowned manufacturers. One Click Going to the website of a leading used car portal is enough to find the right used vehicle using a meta search engine with valuation. A convertible should only be used in the car wash if it is used instead of conventional brushes with soft textile strips. When cleaning, the high-pressure jet must never be aimed at the convertible top.

Maintain the convertible top properly

Dry brushing is sufficient for regular top care. A soft natural bristle can be used for this. Type-specific convertible care tips can be found in the manufacturer's operating instructions. Most of the common electric convertible top drives, however, are maintenance-free. To avoid chafing and mold stains, the convertible top must not be folded up when it is dirty or damp. Heavy soiling from tree sap, bird droppings and insects should be removed as quickly as possible with a damp cloth or sponge. The use of special cleaning products is only necessary if the convertible top is very dirty. There are specific products for cleaning the top that are suitable for either plastic or fabric tops. Common household stain removers, on the other hand, are unsuitable for removing dirt from the roof of a convertible. If the top is made of textile materials, impregnation can be worthwhile. In order to avoid costly repairs, the convertible top material should be checked regularly for possible damage. Convertibles with a folding roof or shell roof are particularly easy to care for. Folding roofs are usually made of metal or painted aluminum and can be retracted just as automatically as roofs made of textile or plastic. The seals and the convertible top mechanism should, however, be checked at regular intervals.