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Who is liable in the event of damage?

Who is liable for damage to the accommodation?

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If you are planning an active holiday in the Black Forest, the ElzLand Hotel 9 Linden is the right address. The Your hotel in Elzach combines traditional craftsmanship and modernity and is the starting point for a wide range of activities in nature, such as hikes and mountain bike tours. The centrally located hotel was only opened in September 2019. Schedule one Active vacation in the Black Forest And if you choose this hotel as your accommodation, you may be wondering who is liable for any damage to the accommodation that may result from a moment of inattention.

Liability for damage to the accommodation

Turn off the shower tap, forget to turn off the tap for the bath water or a red wine stain on the light-colored carpet in the hotel room - this kind of damage occurs quickly in the accommodation. You may think that you can turn to your liability insurance to settle the damage. Such damage to the furnishings in the hotel or in the holiday apartment is not always covered by the liability insurance, since it is borrowed items. This means that you have to pay for the damage out of pocket. You should therefore check the policy of your liability insurance in good time before starting your vacation trip and see whether loaned items are also insured. However, if the building is damaged, for example if a window breaks or water damage renders the floor unusable, liability insurance pays for it.

What you should consider when taking out personal liability insurance

The most important voluntary insurance is personal liability insurance, because it protects you from financial ruin in an emergency, when a moment of inattentiveness leads to damage. It also offers passive legal protection if a legal dispute arises as it covers the legal and court costs. Here Learn more. When taking out personal liability insurance, you should definitely insure four things:

  • Damage to rental property, for example damage to the inventory of a hotel or holiday home
  • Bad debt coverage if someone else causes you damage
  • Courtesy harm when you help a friend and harm is done in the process
  • Insurance abroad if you are there on vacation or for work.

You should not save on the sum insured, as the amount of damage if several people are damaged can be considerable. If you would like to reduce the contributions, you can agree on a deductible.

Damage that cannot be compensated by liability

Damage to your property caused by negligence, for example if you drop your smartphone or your son drops your camera, is not covered by the liability insurance. Damage caused to other people through activities or hobbies, for example if you fall into a parked car with your mountain bike, will also not be covered. So-called gradual damage or loss of keys in rented objects such as holiday apartments or hotels are also not insured. You should take out insurance for such damage well in advance of your vacation.

Why liability insurance makes sense for activities while on vacation

During vacation activities, inattentiveness can quickly lead to harm to another person. A collision with a hiker at the Riding a mountain bike, a fall due to insufficient protection when Climbing, in which you collide with another person, but also damage to the holiday facility can happen quickly. To protect yourself from the financial consequences, you should not do without liability insurance. You should make sure that such damage is included in the insurance coverage.