Black forest vacation with dog
Black forest vacation with dog

Vacation with your dog in the Black Forest


All family members look forward to the vacation and want to enjoy it together. Four-legged members have slightly different requirements than two-legged members. Not every region is equally suitable for games, sports and fun. The Black Forest in southwestern Baden-Württemberg is crowded for you Pet formally on. The contrasting landscape offers pure variety. No matter what you feel like. A walk through shady forests and quaint villages with a cozy stop. Or a tour through vineyards followed by a wine tasting. Whether high-altitude hiking trails or bathing pleasure. The Black Forest has it all.

Sniff the area

In the Black Forest there are numerous hiking trails with many new tracks. To explore them, you can book an organized dog tour. For example the “Markgräfler Wii-Wegli”. The complete tour leads in 5 days from Weil am Rhein in the border triangle Germany / France / Switzerland to the metropolis Freiburg and is about 85 km long. This is how you and your dog get to know the varied, hilly south of Baden-Württemberg: vineyards, orchards, picturesque villages, fantastic views and forests. In the end, Freiburg awaits you. Or you can explore the Black Forest on your own. Equipped with a hiking map or hiking app, you're ready to go.


Bathing fun with your dog

The Titisee is one of the most popular destinations in the Black Forest. And dogs are even allowed in the water on the south bank! Just the right refreshment after a hike around Lake Titisee. South of the Titisee lies the quieter one Schluchsee. Here too, dogs are allowed into the water at certain points. Very close to both lakes, at Loeffingen, lies a picturesque river valley that Wutach Gorge. This is the ideal place for your dog to work out and then refresh in the cool water.


Stay with your dog

There is a wide range of holiday homes, hotels, Holiday apartment with dog in the Black Forest. Dogs are welcome in many. The Black Forest also has a large offer for campers. Many offer discounts in the off-season. Some even have a fenced-in exercise area.


Enjoy vacation with your dog


Happy beef

Make the most of the time with your dog. Go for a long walk in the beautiful Black Forest landscape. Let him romp over meadows. Marvel at the traditional Black Forest houses with their hipped roofs. Try Black Forest specialties. Go to one of the many ostrich taverns that you can recognize by the whisk. Enjoy the hearty Baden cuisine with tarte flambée, Bibbiliskäs, Brägele, Schäufele. Accompanied by a quarter wine from the region. Or a snack with Black Forest ham, bread and beer. Finally one more schnapps from a Black Forest distillery. In the meantime, your dog can rest. Ostrich farms in particular are very fond of animals. You will immediately get water for your darling there. Some also have dog stations with food and water.

Veterinary care

If you have an older dog, if your dog gets sick or has an accident, there is nothing to worry about. Veterinary care is ensured. There are veterinarians or animal clinics in every major town. Ask at the reception in the hotel, the landlord or the tourist office. Alternatively, you can search for veterinarians “nearby” on your smartphone.


Avoid nasty surprises

You love your dog and want to have him with you everywhere in the Black Forest. So that you do not expose yourself to hostility, you should find out beforehand where dogs are welcome. Be considerate and observe the dog bans and restrictions, such as leash on lakes and in parks. Dogs are not allowed in every restaurant or café. Ask beforehand. And definitely take out pet owner liability insurance. In this way you will avoid bigger annoyance if your dog causes damage in the booked accommodation, bites someone in the affect or causes an accident.


Now let's go with the dog

Why only dream about it? Start now with a short trip or a longer vacation trip to the Black Forest. The region has so much to offer that you will want to come back often. The hills, forests, vineyards, villages, delights and dog-friendly hosts will impress you. You and your dog will enjoy the Black Forest with all your senses!

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