At the Albsteig - Menzenschwander waterfall
At the Albsteig - Menzenschwander waterfall

Albsteig - hiking between Albbruck and Feldberg


Albsteig - nature experience between Albbruck and Feldberg

The leads them along the Alb 83,3 km long Albsteig from Albbruck to Feldberg-Passport.

Hike through the steep gorge of the lower Alb valley on the Albsteig, pass numerous waterfalls and marvel at the devil's kitchen. The Albsteig takes you through charming landscapes, over flowering pastures through the Hotzenwald along the Bernauer and Menzenschwander Alb up to the Feldberg.

Stages for athletes

1st stage: Albbruck - Görwihl, 11,9 km; 573 m, 273 m

2nd stage: Görwihl - Häuser, 27,1 km; 1.066 m, 821 m

3a. Stage (Tour East): Häuser - Menzenschwand - Feldberg Passhöhe, 23,7 km; 721 m, 370 m

3b. Stage (Tour West): Houses - Bernau - Feldberg-Passhöhe, 24,8 km; 870 m, 518 m

Stages for connoisseurs

1st stage: Albbruck - Görwihl, 11,9 km; 573 m, 273 m

2nd stage: Görwihl - Wittenschwand, 14,9 km; 654 m, 382 m

3rd stage: Wittenschwand - St. Blasien, 16,4 km; 481 m, 570 m

4a. Stage (Tour East): St. Blasien - Menzenschwand, 9,6 km; 179 m, 127 m

5a. Stage (Tour East): Menzenschwand - Feldberg Passhöhe, 10,0 km; 462 m, 90 m

4b. Stage (Tour West): St. Blasien - Bernau, 10,2 km; 129 m, 48 m

5b. Stage (Tour West): Bernau - Feldberg, 10,1 km; 652 m, 329 m

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