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Interactive museums in the Black Forest

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There is really a lot to experience in the Black Forest! If you are looking for interesting leisure activities, sights and excursion destinations, we always have a lot of tips ready for you. Today we want to introduce you to some museums that you can visit in the beautiful Black Forest region. Not only that, we want to put a special focus on the many interactive options. In fact, interactive museums, sometimes called hands-on museums, have become a really big trend in Germany. What defines interactive museums and which ones should you definitely visit? You can find the answer here!

The interactive museum - what is it?

Interactive museums have a huge difference too conventional museums. As the name suggests, visitors can - and should - interact with the pieces on display. In a conventional gallery, on the other hand, you would fly out on edge if you stroke a painting or shake hands with a statue. Museums-to-touch, on the other hand, are designed for this. The specific details differ from museum to museum, of course, but mostly visitors can play film and audio clips at the push of a button that give them more information on various topics. Puzzles and experiments are also often used to guide guests on certain topics and to explain them better than words could. This interactivity makes learning particularly attractive for children and arouses their thirst for knowledge. Interactive museums are therefore also an experience for the whole family. Really every family member has fun and is their own Free Spins No Deposit Casino can wait until later. Now that you know what interactive museums are all about, we can introduce you to some of the best there are in the Black Forest region!

The three-country museum in Loerrach

The Lörrach Tri-Country Museum is the only one of its kind in Europe. As the name suggests, it is in Lörrach and therefore on the border with Switzerland and France. The exhibits reflect this very well, as cultural objects from France, Switzerland and of course Germany have their place here. The museum is also a great experience for people whose first language is French, as both the staff and all the labels 'speak' two languages. Visitors can learn the region's centuries-long history interactively. There are many stations throughout the museum that explain the ancient culture, politics and history of the three-country region on the Upper Rhine to visitors in an interesting way using video, audio or hands-on activities.

The Baden State Museum

The Baden State Museum is a hands-on museum located in Karlsruhe. It is considered one of the most important museums in Germany and not without reason. More than 40.000 years of history are uniquely represented. Visitors can even touch genuine, thousands of years old excavation pieces from the Stone Age and do their own research using the media stations provided. The Badisches Landesmuseum also makes the modern one VR technology and offers guests, among other things, the opportunity to step into digitally recreated scenes from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. These and more are part of the large art and culture collection, which you can explore adventurously with your family (or alone).

The Donaueschingen Children's and Youth Museum

The two museums that we have already mentioned are absolutely child-friendly, but this one was made especially for children and young people: the Children's and Young People's Museum in Donaueschingen. The exhibits on offer here specialize in teaching children and young people a wide range of topics with action, fun and excitement. Whether about humans, animals, nature, science or technology, visitors learn a lot about new topics in a playful way. Media stations, exciting experiments and activities make a visit to this museum guaranteed to be an experience that young people will remember for a long time to come.

The Johannes Reuchlin Museum

In the Johannes Reuchlin Museum, young people are also employed at the very front. However, this interactive museum takes a completely different approach than the aforementioned Children's and Youth Museum in Donaueschingen. In the Johannes Reuchlin Museum, the children are mainly about togetherness and the correct behavior learn in the digital age. The whole museum was structured in a very modern way and, with media panels and many activities, offers the prerequisites for young people to strengthen their teamwork and grow into compassionate and tolerant people. The built-in experience called Reuchlin Escape is one of the most exciting parts of the museum. There are tricky puzzles distributed on four different levels and in many rooms, which have to be solved in teams of 2 to 6 young people. The Johannes Reuchlin Museum offers an incomparable experience.

The watch industry museum Villingen-Schwenningen

In the watch industry museum in Villingen-Schwenningen the fantastic history of the old watchmaking town is illustrated. Humming mechanisms and many interactive elements bring the ancient art of developing clocks and timepieces to life and make it an incomparable experience. Real historical machines and mechanisms still run here to show those inquisitive how people made watches many years ago. There are also many exhibits that show the cultural and historical importance that the clocks made here had. Here you can even buy authentically manufactured replicas of clocks and alarm clocks, part of the story for the home. Here, too, the whole family gets their money's worth and will make incomparable memories in the Black Forest museum.

Image courtesy of Photo by danmo on Pixabay