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Bear cubs playing Source: operator
Bear cubs playing Source: operator

Black Forest Wolf and Bear Park



Location: Bad Rippoldsau-Schapbach
Suitable for prams: ja

Alternative wolf and bear park

In the somewhat different wolf and bear park in Bad-Ripplodsau Do not expect the classic zoo but the alternative park, which takes special care of bears, wolves and lynxes.

The park opened in 2010, the second of its kind in Germany, and is operated by the Foundation for Bears. The bears and wolves are offered a natural and behavior-oriented home on approx. 10 hectares.

The mother of “problem bear” BRUNO lives in the park

Not only JURKA, Mother of "Problembär" BRUNO, but also seven other bears live in the Black Forest Bear Park. Most of the animals have been mistreated or are ex-circus bears.

In the wolf and bear park in Bad Rippoldsau you can expect:

  • Bears that dig, splash, scuffle ... snore
  • Wolves that sneak, howl, annoy bears ...
  • Indian tipis
  • Walking paths _ comfortable, close to nature and close to bears
  • Photo backdrop like in the wilderness
  • Information stations on circus, dancing and fighting bears ...
  •  Nature playground and explorer path
  • BBQ areas
  • Dogs welcome

Black Forest Wolf and Bear Park

Alternative wolf and bear park in the Black Forest
Rippoldsauer Strasse 36/1
77776 Bad Rippoldsau-Schapbach
Tel. 07839 910380

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