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Deer in the Zell game reserve

Game reserve in Zell im Wiesental

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Location: Zell im Wiesental
Suitable for prams: ja

An adventure for the whole family

A visit to the game reserve in Zell im Wiesental is a perfect break from everyday and leisure stress. Here, at the edge of the forest, time stands still. The enclosure, which was founded as a private initiative in the early 1970s, has existed for decades. It covers an area of ​​3,6 hectares and therefore offers a home for red deer, fallow deer and wild boar. The trip to the enclosure can be started via an educational trail with a total of 87 information boards about the local forest. The starting point is the Calvary Chapel. As an ideal stopover from hiking, cycling or skiing in the Black Forest, the enclosure offers the opportunity to get very close to the shy animals of the forest. Deer, roe deer and wild boar can be viewed on barrier-free paths.

The wild animals in the enclosure

The deerThe stag struts past its hinds and calves like a true king within reach. The red deer is native to Europe in the low and high mountains and their foothills. In summer, the deer and its pack, as the name suggests, wear a reddish-colored fur. The blanket (hunter's jargon for fur) changes color over the course of the seasons from dark brown in autumn to dark gray in winter. The red and fallow deer are artifacts and count among the ruminants. Their food is wild herbs, grasses, tree fruits, needles and leaves.Fallow deerThe fallow deer migrate over land and meadow in a group. Originally from Asia, it was kept in private parks in the 19th century and has since spread throughout Europe. The stag, like our local red deer, has antlers as a crown. The only difference is the shape: on the head of a fully grown male fallow deer, two antler sprouts and another, which is shaped like a shovel, rise up.Wild boarBoars, brooks and rookies love to rummage in the dirt and wallow. The offspring are there from March to May. The little wild boars, also called freshlings, always frolic around the mother sow, the brook. The male wild boar, the wild boar, is clearly recognizable by its huge canine teeth and its size. Wild boars are counted among wild boars. They are represented all over Europe and, in addition to forests, meadows and fields, are also increasingly finding their way into large cities.

Arrival and arrival

Schopfheimer Str. 379669 Zell im Wiesental

Opening hours

Open every day and the game reserve can be visited all year round. Briefly press on break from climbing the summit, cycling or skiing in the Black Forest. A visit to the zell im Wiesental game reserve decelerates and relaxes the whole family.For further information or questions, please contact Zeller Bergland Tourismus e. V. or to the wildlife keeper on site.