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Hohe Möhr Tower near Zell im Wiesental

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Location: Zell im Wiesental
Suitable for prams: no

Above of Zell im Wiesental stands the Hohe Möhr Tower, a lookout tower built by the Black Forest Association. The viewing platform, which is about 25 meters above the ground, offers a fantastic view, weather permitting: as far as the Swiss Alps, the Jura and the Vosges. You can also see the Wiesental, Rheintal and Wehratal, the Hotzenwald and the Black Forest mountains. The tower is almost 30 meters high.

History of the height Möhr tower

In the years 1982 and 1983 the most extensive renovation work in the history of the tower took place. Ensuring the stability of the tower was a major challenge for the Black Forest Association's Schopfheim branch. The work was completed in time for the 100th anniversary of the local group on May 1, 1983, so that the tower could be reopened.

In 1994, the 100th anniversary of the tower[2], which is now a listed building, was celebrated with a ceremony.

In 2004 another major renovation was carried out.

Image courtesy of Stefan Asal - Datacreate Asal