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Hans Thoma Museum Bernau



Location: Bernau
Suitable for prams: ja

Hans Thoma (1839 ?? 1924), one of the most famous and popular painters in Germany at the end of the 19th century, is in Bernau-Born and raised fiefdom. Like no other great artist, impressed and shaped by his native landscape, his naturalistic landscape depictions and motifs from the rural world initially stood in opposition to the prevailing view of art. For two decades his pictures were strictly rejected until his breakthrough came with an exhibition in Munich in 1890. As a recognized artist he became director of the Grand Ducal Art Academy in 1899 Karlsruhe called.

With oil paintings, graphics, arts and crafts and life documents, Mayor Dr. Ludwig Baur founded Hans-Thoma-Museum gives an insight into the extensive and varied work of Hans Thomas.

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