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Nordracher doll museum

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Location: northrach
Suitable for prams: ja

In the immediate vicinity of the swimming pool is the Nordrach Puppet Museum, which opened in 1991 and has more than 100.000 visitors in the statistics of the most visited museums in the Ortenau district - right behind the Black Forest open-air museum in Gutach. In the colorfully painted, unique doll museum, more than 250 dolls and teddies, mostly made and collected by Gaby Spitzmüller, can be viewed on a total area of ​​1500 square meters. The Nordracher Puppenmuseum deviates from the usual forms of exhibition in that the 31 showcases are thematically aligned. Village life is documented in several subject areas: Black Forest traditional costume wedding, village school class, children's choir, Tyrolean ribbon dance (with 60 dirndl and lederhosen groups), chicken farm and agriculture in the four seasons. The raftsman dolls are reminiscent of a trade that once flourished in Nordrach, an "emigrant group" of the forced emigration to America that actually took place in 1851 and 1852. In another showcase, the clockwork of the tower clock of the former (lung) sanatorium colony from the year 1898 with watchmaker dolls is on display. The hand puppets for Punch and Judy, puppet tailoring, millinery, church fairs, christening processions and the circus scene are also interesting. Special works of art are the unique collector's dolls, which were made by the artist Rolanda Heimer. The colorful world of human types and races is shown with their baby dolls. In addition to award-winning exhibits, exotic dolls from India and other distant countries round off the collection, which is well worth seeing.