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Watch tower near Pforzheim

Watch tower

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Location: Pforzheim
Suitable for prams: no

The watchtower of Pforzheim: A historical jewel

The Watchtower of Pforzheim, or too Watch tower called, is a historic landmark and an important part of the city's history.

Origins and architecture of the tower

The Wartturm, located on a hill northeast of Pforzheim, is an impressive structure from the 14th or 15th century. With a height of about 14 meters, it is one of the oldest structures in the city and served as part of the city's defense system.

Originally constructed of plastered limestone masonry, its massive walls are 1,1 meters thick. A special feature of this tower is its location: it is on the Wartberg, a ridge northeast of Pforzheim, at an altitude of 374,8 m above sea level.

The watchtower was not only an observation post, but also served as a signal tower. In case of danger, he alerted the citizens of the city.

The ring wall and its meaning

Around the tower is a partially ruined ring wall with loopholes. This wall is about 4,5 meters from the tower and used to form a "fleeing courtyard", a place of refuge for people fleeing surprise attacks.

Nine of the original 15 arrow slits are still visible today, a silent witness to the eventful history of the tower.

Renovation and changes in the 19th century

In 1869 the tower underwent a comprehensive renovation. A spiral staircase was installed at this time, replacing the previous ladders and providing access to the three floors of board flooring.

Since then, the tower has served as a lookout tower. The current staircase to the front door, which is three meters high, did not exist at that time. At that time, access was only possible via a ladder, which could be quickly retracted in the event of an attack.

Visitor Information

To climb the tower you need a key. You can do this during opening hours at the nearby store Restaurant L'Osteria pick up.

The watchtower over the centuries

The watchtower has undergone many changes and renovations over the centuries. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that the tower is not mentioned in the old documents, which contributes to its mystical aura.

During troubled times, such as the Palatinate War in the 15th century or the Thirty Years' War, the tower often served as a refuge for refugees and warned the townspeople of impending dangers.

The watchtower today

The watchtower is closed today popular destination and offers a wonderful view of the surrounding landscape of Pforzheim. Its impressive architecture and fascinating history make it an indispensable part of any visit to Pforzheim.

Image courtesy of Stefan Karl