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Vehicle Museum Marxzell

Vehicle Museum Marxzell

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Location: Marxzell
Suitable for prams: ja

A private collection of automobiles, motorcycles, and fire engines. A collection that has been built up by the Reichert family for over 40 years.

Every hour on the hour, films on the development of the automobile are shown in the ancient cinema

The Marxzell Vehicle Museum, located in the picturesque Alb Valley, invites you to explore an impressive collection of over 350 historic vehicles and technical rarities. With more than 3.600 square meters of exhibition space, it is one of the largest privately owned technology museums in Germany. The proximity to the city of Karlsruhe also makes the museum easily accessible and therefore an ideal destination for the whole family.

The Reichert family, which runs the museum, has put together an impressive selection of vehicles and equipment with great attention to detail, which gives you a comprehensive insight into the history of technology and mobility. You can admire over 140 cars, 170 motorcycles and two-wheelers, 23 tractors, 16 fire engines and many other historical rarities.

However, the Marxzell Vehicle Museum is not just a car museum, but also a technology museum and local history museum, as it presents a variety of different exhibits from different times and areas. It is this unique mixture of mobility history and homeland that gives the museum its special atmosphere and makes it an unforgettable experience.

A tour of the museum takes you through different themed areas where you can explore different aspects of the vehicle's history. Both technical innovations and the social significance of the vehicles are clearly presented. A visit to the Marxzell Vehicle Museum is therefore not only interesting for technology and automobile enthusiasts, but also offers exciting insights into the past for those interested in history.

At the end of your visit, a special highlight awaits you: the museum's historic cinema. Here you can sit on original old cinema seats and enjoy a film about the history of the car with an original old film projection machine. This nostalgic conclusion perfectly rounds off the experience at the Marxzell Vehicle Museum and lets you immerse yourself in the world of automobiles and their history.

The Reichert family is looking forward to your visit to the Marxzell Vehicle Museum and wishes you an exciting and informative time in the fascinating world of historic vehicles and technical rarities. Discover the unique atmosphere that the museum has to offer and be inspired by the passion for technology and history.


Vehicle Museum Marxzell

Neuenburger Str. 1, 76359 Marxzell

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Monday14: 00–17: 00 pm
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Wednesday14: 00–17: 00 pm
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