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Geiserschmiede Bühlertal



Location: Bühlertal
Suitable for prams: ja

The Geiserschmiede is a monument to craft tradition and culture in Bühlertal. For at least 300 years there was a grinding mill powered by the Bühlot flowing past.

In 1891 the mill was converted into a hammer forge. Until 1961, the last blacksmiths, the brothers Eugen and Josef Geiser, produced all the tools for regional agriculture and forestry. After that, the workshop lies in a deep slumber for over 30 years. Traces of decay become visible.

In order to preserve the last hammer forge in Bühlertal and make it fully functional again, a small group of Bühlertal citizens volunteered to renovate and restore the building complex and its technical equipment over a period of more than 7.500 hours.

The story of the Geiserschmiede is not just the story of a house, it is also the story of hardworking people, millers and blacksmiths, their wives and children.

Geiserschmiede Bühlertal

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