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Modern vacation: How to best use the smartphone on vacation in the Black Forest

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The Black Forest is popular: With 22 million overnight stays, a new record was set in 2017, as Bo writes. And for the past two years, the numbers could be even higher. However, adults between the ages of 20 and 30 sometimes have to be persuaded to go on holiday in the Black Forest first: isn't that old-fashioned? Is there enough to experience in the Black Forest? And above all: Does my smartphone have to stay at home in the mountains due to a bad connection? Fortunately, all of these points can be given the all-clear. Because there is also a lot for these visitors to experience in the Black Forest, as our "Urlaub Aktiv" portal shows. We show how technology enthusiasts can also use their own smartphone perfectly on vacation. But without it becoming the center of the journey.

Hiking and racing bikes: the smartphone as a compass

Source: Pexels.com

The Black Forest is not only perfect for hiking, but also for tours with the racing bike and similar activities. Here there are For example the small southern Black Forest circuit with an altitude of 1.205 meters and a total length of 52 kilometers. For modern active vacationers, the smartphone is primarily used as a map and navigation tool. Having your own cell phone with you as a card is extremely useful and practical because it saves you heavy luggage. With some apps, such as Google Maps, it is also possible to use the map function offline. In this way, the data volume consumption can be reduced and optimal navigation even with a poor mobile connection. Just as great: Most smartphones have a built-in compass. With its help, you can always find your way around difficult tours through the mountains. So just get on your bikes and explore the mountains! Of course, it also works for hiking and other activities.

Accommodation and shopping: Mobile payments without cash

Forgot cash? No problem! More and more shops and hotels in the Black Forest allow payment by smartphone. And that's pretty handy! Using the smartphone as a virtual wallet is possible in several ways. On the one hand there are services offered by large companies such as Apple Pay, which was already being used on 2019 million iPhones worldwide at the beginning of 380, as Heise researched. Companies like Samsung offer similar services. So you only have to hold the smartphone briefly to the cash register and you can easily do classics like Black Forest Cuckoo to buy. But that's not all, because you can already use your own mobile phone when you are staying at the accommodation. Many hotels in the region offer the option of paying with services such as PayPal, Neteller or a Paysafecard - it is best to compare the inns we have presented and hotels in the Black Forest and then researches whether they offer such payment methods for overnight stays. PayPal in particular is extremely widespread and is used in particular for payment transactions where security is essential. For example, buying goods from sites like Ebay or buying over-the-counter products from online pharmacies.

Castles and palaces: always have your camera with you

Another idea to make the Black Forest vacation even better with the help of mobile phones is of course the camera functions, with which the smartphone becomes the perfect lens that you always have with you. There is a huge selection of attractions in the Black Forest, Castles and palaces, such as the Hohenzollern Castle, which we present as an excursion destination in detail on our website. Here you can not only take great selfies, but also photograph impressive backdrops and visit sights such as the Brandenkopf Tower, just 6,5 kilometers away. You can make your own smartphone camera even better with lenses such as the Wolffilms Anamorphic Lens, which are available from providers how Arctic can be bought for less than 150 euros. The selection of attachable smartphone lenses is huge and ensures even more spectacular photos on vacation! This is how castles and palaces, hiking trails, nocturnal photos and landscapes come into their own. And who doesn't want to share their best vacation photos with friends later? That is why we have a clear recommendation for smartphone lenses. So you can simply leave the big and heavy SLR camera at home and go on hiking trails and when climbing a castle much more relaxed.


Black Forest vacations are exciting, individually adaptable for every vacationer and much more modern than you think! It is therefore particularly popular with smartphone lovers if you convert your mobile phone into an all-rounder while on vacation: Take the perfect pictures with your smartphone, navigate while hiking and cycling and later also pay cashless when buying souvenirs? All of this is possible in the Black Forest without any problems! So grab your smartphone, choose a good hotel - and holiday fun can begin in one of the most beautiful regions of Germany. It doesn't matter whether you're into relaxation or action.