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View from the Grafenmatt to the Feldberg

Skiing with the family

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There are many things to consider when choosing ski areas and thus holiday destinations. On the one hand, you should pay attention to safety on the slopes. By following certain rules you can be saved from painful skiing accidents or even devastating accidents. Everyone has to show consideration for other skiers and never ski off-piste. On the other hand, the demands of all family members should be satisfied.

Among the most famous ski regions for German skiers is the Schwarzwald. There are many ski areas there for the whole family. In the event that slopes cannot be used due to global warming, you can switch to other slopes in the Black Forest region, which are not far from each other. You and your family are in good hands on numerous slopes of various difficulty. Above all, the surrounding ski restaurants and orientation on the slopes should be mentioned positively. Here you will find a clear piste map and clearly visible signs. There are even red slopes for ambitious drivers and the parking situation is satisfactory. Ski courses are offered for children here, so that parents can also venture onto higher slopes. Just like the restaurants, the accommodations are not far away, so you can relax in your cozy holiday apartment after an exciting day on the slopes.

Those who prefer to travel a little further away with their family are in good hands here: Aspen Mountain in Colorado, which is located in America. The town with many shops and restaurants is in the immediate vicinity of the mountain station. But you will also find something right at the mountain station. A recommendable restaurant with giant burgers is located here. And here you will find the supposedly best pizzeria in the whole region, which will impress young and old. You can enjoy your skiing holiday on over 76 very different slopes below the mountain peak at 3.018 m above sea level. The slopes are well groomed and with an average of nine skiers per hectare, you won't feel bothered by other winter sports enthusiasts. A highlight of the ski area is a slope with a 42% gradient. All the runs together result in a total length of over 103 km.

But your children will also have fun here. In addition to ski courses, there are also slopes. which you as parents do not have too much of a challenge, but can nevertheless be mastered by beginners or children.