Kaltenbronn ski lifts


Location: Gernsbach-Kaltenbronn
Number of ski lifts: 2
Of slopes: 0,6 km
Floodlight: No
Altitude: 860
m to 950 m

The Kaltenbronn has a long tradition as a ski area. In addition to the ski slope, many local cross-country ski trails and long-distance skiing trails meet here, and there is the opportunity for children, young people and adults, beginners, advanced and experts to do intense sports in a dreamy landscape and then stop off in style.

World Cup runners began their alpine skiing careers here, and many clubs in the area use the slope for winter training and races.

Of course, the Kaltenbronn ski lifts do not offer the variety of the large ski areas in the Alps or the constant availability of the ski halls in Bottrop and Neuss. If it is already green at lower altitudes, there is usually still enough snow here.

More info: www.skilifte-kaltenbronn.de

Image courtesy of Skilifte Kaltenbronn GbR
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