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Haberer Tower near Bad Griesbach

Haberer tower

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Location: Bad Griesbach
Suitable for prams: no

Numbers and facts about the Habererturm

  • Steps to the viewing platform: 87 steps
  • Building material: sandstone
  • Year of construction: 1899
  • Height above sea level: 690.0m

The Habererturm is located in the district of Ortenau, above Bad Griesbach on the Kreuzkopf, a small peak of the Lettstädterhöhe. The tower, erected in 1899, is a homage to the Medical Councilor Dr. Haberer, who has rendered outstanding services to the baths in the upper Renchtal.

The tower offers a unique view of the upper Renchtal and the surrounding mountains, which would otherwise be obstructed by the dense forest. Due to the hillside location, however, the panorama is not particularly extensive.

Image courtesy of Stefan Karl