Adventure golf park
Adventure golf park

Adventure golf park



Location: Enzklosterle
Suitable for prams: ja

A total of 3.000 lanes run over 18 square meters, which have been adapted to the natural environment and make playing mini golf an adventurous experience. The game is played on materials typical of the Black Forest: over wooden rugs, a film of water, dry stone walls or through a rock field. With the “Schneckentäle” and “Poppeltal” lifts, distances of over 30 meters have to be mastered. The success of the game results from skill, strategic approach and a portion of luck. Play adventure mini golf like you have never experienced anywhere else.

The Adventure Golf Park also surprises in terms of gastronomy. In the park's beer garden, you can sit comfortably and have a break. The operating family spoils their guests with a wide range of drinks and meals. And while enjoying the culinary offerings, you can also wonderfully observe the playing skills of the other golf park visitors

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