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The Wildline near Bad Wildbad

WildLine suspension bridge

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Location: Bad Wildbad
Suitable for prams: ja

Pure adrenaline high above the Black Forest

The heart beats faster. With every step. Above you the sky, below you - freedom. You look down at the tops of the stately Black Forest fir trees. Feel this tingling sensation. First in the stomach, and then in the whole body. Pure Adrenaline. The nature to To grab near, yet so far away. You have reached the highest point of the WILDLINE, 60 meters above the earth. Your gaze goes into the distance, over the mountains and valleys of Bad Wildbad, to the horizon. And maybe even beyond. A feeling that is simply indescribable. You have to experience that!

Perfection that fascinates and inspires

Take your time before you take the first step on the WILDLINE. Enjoy the anticipation and let yourself be impressed by the technical masterpiece. Ahead of you are 380 meters of happiness, supported by just two pylons and held by two steel cables. The WILDLINE is much more than a suspension bridge. It is an expression of planning perfection and craftsmanship. Because the WILDLINE explores the limits of statics. Because sometimes you lose your feet on solid ground when it sways. But no fear. It has to be like this. If 380 meters is not enough for you, you can also use the new one Suspension bridge in Todtnau visit with 450 meters.

A symbiosis of steel and nature

Bridges create connections. But anyone who builds a bridge wants to connect more than just two points. Would like to dare to try something new, to venture into unknown territory. Like the WILDLINE. The 140 tons of steel form a unique symbiosis with untouched nature. The suspension bridge is not a foreign body in this environment, but blends in harmoniously with its sensitive surroundings. Here the uniqueness of the moment can be experienced. When people stand above things, become part of a sensational building. And when they feel that something very special is happening to them.

Unique with a longing factor

Inspiration, curiosity, willingness to take risks - there are many reasons why someone builds a suspension bridge. “In my eyes, it stands for trust and courage. In the building and in those who realize it together, ”says investor Günter Eberhardt. The WILDLINE is not only unique, it also has a very special charm. Because it rises towards the middle. So you can't see the other from one end. This opens up exciting insights and perspectives again and again. To an intact landscape. Lush meadows. Green fir trees. Who doesn't long for it?

Easy to reach

You can comfortably cross the suspension bridge Summer mountain railway and if you haven't had enough of the high altitude rush, this is the Treetop Walk Black Forest just around the corner.

Image courtesy of Nico Pudimat


WildLine suspension bridge

Suspension bridge WILDLINE

Heermannsweg 100

75323 Bad Wildbad in the Black Forest

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