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With the family in the Black Forest

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Forget about everyday life and spend a nice time with your loved ones? The Black Forest is the ideal travel destination. Because here, variety and the urge to explore are at the top of the list and children will certainly not get bored. But adults can also look forward to new challenges and relaxed environments. Ultimately, the free time in the Black Forest should give you as much energy as possible so that you can face everyday life with strength.

On the hiking trail with children

Even the little ones enjoy being out and about in the Black Forest. Because in addition to the beautiful nature and the breathtaking views, it is above all the many Playgrounds to run around inwho invite. At least the same Children's trails are popular, where there is a lot to discover. This not only challenges the young ones, but also wipes the dust off their often dusty imagination. Barefoot paths are very special highlights. On these, young and old can experience the forest floor directly and without a barrier. This is fun and makes even the long tours for children take a back seat.

In the evening, parents can also find special events in the Black Forest so they can spend some time together or have a little thrill. In addition to various cultural offerings, the focus is also increasingly on visiting an arcade. Where there is one Online arcade in Germany can easily be found online. And in order to be able to experience this leisure fun on a trip to the Black Forest, all you need is an internet connection and a smartphone or tablet.

Afterwards you will have enough energy to visit one of the many observation towers in the Black Forest or to take the children on one of the summer toboggan runs down into the valley. The highlights also include climbing courses, such as those found in climbing forests. Here, explorers big and small can enjoy an extensive experience. In addition to outdoor facilities such as the Action Forest, Altvogelbachfels near Badenweiler or the climbing rock Todtnau There is also an indoor version, the Fundorena.

Special tips for bad weather

Of course, especially within a limited period of time, it can happen that the weather just doesn't want to cooperate. So if there are gray clouds in the sky and it's raining, alternatives are important. The Fundorena indoor high ropes course is one of them. But also the Black Forest bathing paradise or the Tschamberhöhle Rheinfelden is a great option to spend a wonderful day. Not so much for the children, but a special activity for parents, is a visit to the Baden state brewery Rothaus. Interesting insights into the history and current business as well as the opportunity to enjoy the delicious local products round off an educational visit.

There are interesting things for young and old to discover in the Hüsli Local History Museum or the German Clock Museum. If you prefer to use all your senses, visit this Black Forest house of the senses. However, with very small children, the main focus should be on the hiking trails and the zoos. The latter in particular can be easily visited even in bad weather. Families gain completely new insights into the lives of animals in nature and, with a bit of luck, can be very close to them.

Whatever activity is ultimately chosen; In the Black Forest you can find the right excursion destination for every age. This ensures that families have a good time and therefore real relaxation so that they can face everyday life at home feeling stronger.

Image courtesy of Stefan Asal - Datacreate Asal