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There is a lot to know about the Black Forest, how is a Black Forest cake baked, what is the Bollenhut about or was the cuckoo clock really invented in the Black Forest?

You will find answers to that and much more on these pages.

The southern Black Forest is the highest area of ​​the Black Forest with significant overforming by the Ice Age glaciers south of Freiburg-Donaueschingen. The actual term Black Forest is accordingly
The Black Forest, one of the largest regions in Germany, is a popular holiday destination. Located in the border triangle (France / Germany / Switzerland), it is considered one of the most beautiful regions in Europe. Especially
Allerheiligen waterfalls, Todtnau waterfalls, Triberg waterfalls, Zweribach waterfalls. The Black Forest seems to be a real paradise for waterfall fans. There are countless waterfalls in the Black Forest: several hundred offer them
If you want to go on holiday within Germany in summer, spring or autumn, you should protect yourself against insects. In this country, the stinging insects are spreading more
The scent of nature in the form of freshly cut grass or the pleasant rustling of tree leaves in the wind has been an effect of nature fans when swimming in the forest
A special kind of experience Anyone who has booked a holiday in the Black Forest during carnival time should definitely not miss the morning prank in Basel. This is
Unfortunately, the beginnings of watchmaking in the Black Forest are not known. However, the first wooden watches could have been made as early as the second half of the seventeenth century
What would the Black Forest be without winter sports. Many people come from far away especially to go skiing in the Black Forest, for example
Biosphere areas are national natural landscapes that preserve nature's heritage. These areas are model regions for a high quality of life and stay and how different
Freiburg On the edge of the Black Forest lies the beautiful city of Freiburg im Breisgau. Freiburg is one of the largest cities in southern Germany. It doesn't just offer one
The southern Black Forest is one of the most interesting and beautiful regions in Germany. Whether unique views, deep valleys and gorges, snow-covered peaks, flowering orchards and sun-drenched vineyards,
The Black Forest Cuckoo Clock is, like the Bollenhut, a synonym for the Black Forest. The clocks are an indispensable part of any souvenir shop. Until it
Geocaching is a kind of modern treasure hunt. The unusual hobby has developed into an absolute trend sport in recent years. The idea is like this
In the Black Forest, tinder or fire sponge manufacture went hand in hand with the brush industry in the days when no one knew anything about matches. Back then
The Todtnauer Hinterwald run is the longest run in the Black Forest with a length of 9300 m and a difference in altitude of 736 m. The starting point of the Hinterwald run to Todtnau is
The Badnerlied is not an official national anthem of the former Grand Duchy of Baden. Although the considerations existed, they were not taken any further. Individual text passages such as “fortress
Climatically, a mountain range stands out from the peripheral landscapes due to lower temperatures and greater rainfall. Regular precipitation throughout the year characterize the low mountain range
  Overburden The red sandstone overburden with striking steps rises above the crystalline base (basement) in the northern Black Forest and in the adjacent parts of the Central Black Forest.
by Benno Dörflinger The town of Todtnau, the venue for the first Baden-Württemberg Miners' Day, is located in the upper Wiesental at the foot of the Feldberg, the highest at 1493 m
Mining Particularly in the Central Black Forest and in the southern Black Forest (e.g. in the Münstertal) there was evidence of intensive ore mining already taking place in Roman times (extraction of silver
The first cartographic mention of the Black Forest can be found in the Tabula Peutingeriana from the 4th century. The Romans called the Black Forest at that time Marciana
What the Lederhose is in Bavaria, the Bollenhut is in the Black Forest. However, the Black Forest Bollenhut was not in the entire Black Forest but only in the