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Wendelin-Wiedehof children's path

Wendelin Hoopoe in Ihringen

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Location: Yours
Track length: 3.1 km
Ascent: 126m
Descent: 126m
Suitable for prams: no
Starting point: Schlichtengasse / Ihringen

This tour on the Kaiserstuhl is very family-friendly and promising. You can also marvel at some geological, botanical and faunal highlights. From vineyards to wild nature. Unfortunately, the path is not suitable for prams, but it is very suitable for families.

The beautiful hiking trail "Wendelin Wiedehopf in Ihringen" is about 3,1 kilometers long. The estimated duration is a little more than an hour, but it can also take up to two hours, depending on the individual condition. The highest point of this tour is 307 meters and the lowest at an altitude of about 204 meters.


After you have started from the starting point, first walk to the left of the Ihringen municipal cemetery and then turn right. Now follow the path above the cemetery to the end. At the end of the path you will come to Lenzenbergstraße, follow it downhill, after house no. 20 turn left uphill. Follow this ravine for about 800m. Then we go right, above the ravine we have traveled to, we reach the Oberdulltallhütte. At this point you have already reached halfway and can of course take a rest. You can also observe nature here, listen to the chirping of birds or enjoy the fresh air to the full. It's definitely worth taking a look around. As soon as you have then walked over some field and forest paths, turn twice to the right and once to the left and you will reach the road of the beginning. Now turn left for the last time and reach the community cemetery again. The destination then awaits you in Schlichtengasse. This beautiful children's and family path ends here.

Behavior in the protected area

Since the "Wendelin Wiedehopf in Ihringen" path is a protected area, more precisely a bird sanctuary in Kaiserstuhl, you should not go off the beaten path or leave your rubbish anywhere. It is also mandatory not to feed any animals or let them run free. Adequate volume should of course be ensured. Please refrain from flying kites, model airplanes or similar.

Parking facilities on the children's and family path

You will find parking for the "Wendelin Wiedehopf in Ihringen" path in the Kaiserstuhlhalle car park. You can reach this car park by public transport, by car, on foot or by bicycle.

If you want to get to this trail by train and bus, you can take the Rhine Valley Railway with the ICE stop in Freiburg. At Freiburg main station, take the Briesgau S-Bahn to Ihringen-Wasenweiler and Ihringen. If you come by car from Karlsruhe, you can take the Freiburg Mitte exit in the direction of Umkirch and thus reach the Kaiserstuhlhalle car park. If you are from Basel come, you can take the descent towards Bad Krozingen take. This route also takes you to the parking area for the "Wendelin Wiedehopf in Ihringen" tour. The start of this wonderful circular tour is the Schlichtengasse. This is also the target point.

A hike is definitely worth it in this beautiful and protected area. Enjoy the time and have a lot of fun on this round tour!

Image courtesy of Stefan Asal - Datacreate Asal


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