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What is geocaching?

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Geocaching is a kind of modern treasure hunt. The unusual hobby has developed into an absolute trend sport in recent years.

The idea is as simple as it is interesting: someone is hiding a small box with a treasure. These can be small gifts or the like. In the box there is a piece of paper or notebook, the so-called logbook. After the treasure has been hidden, the coordinates of the location are put online. Different platforms have developed here, for example http://www.geocaching.com/

The treasure hunter can now choose a target and go on a search with the GPS data. Geocaching is less about the reward in the can than about the fun of searching. And of course the proud finder signs himself in the logbook.

Depending on where the treasure is hiding, you may need good equipment for geocaching and, for example, a flashlight. The most important equipment, however, is the GPS device or a smartphone with the corresponding app. There are now many portable devices on the market.

But what do you have to look out for when buying?

Which devices are suitable for whom?

Since you travel a lot with the GPS device, especially in rough terrain, the device should of course be as light and handy as possible and very robust. For ease of use and easy reading, a GPS device should have a display as large as possible, preferably of course a color display.

Magellan's models of the eXplorist series impress with their large internal memory. These devices are therefore particularly suitable for those who “frequent cachers”. The entry-level models are available from € 120. Compared to the Garmin devices, the Magellan devices have a significantly lower battery life. Here, the treasure hunter has to change the batteries after an average of 18 hours, and those who are out and about with a Garmin GPS only have to "refuel" after 25 hours.

Thanks to extensive mobile phone reception, smartphones with corresponding caching apps have also become an alternative for beginners.

Regardless of which device you choose, you shouldn't skimp on the corresponding accessories. In any case, a waterproof and sturdy cover is part of the equipment so that you can enjoy geocaching for a long time.