trees, forest, black forest
trees, forest, black forest

Holidays in the Black Forest: sights and activities


Throughout Germany, the Black Forest is known for medieval towns, picturesque landscapes and beautiful bathing lakes. It is therefore no wonder that more and more holidaymakers from Germany and abroad are drawn to the south-west of Baden-Württemberg. There, visitors will not only find many sights, but also one or the other culinary specialty. In addition, you can keep busy with many activities on vacation and relax from everyday life.

Known Attractions

The Lichtentaler Allee in Baden-Baden is a walking street. You can stroll over more than two kilometers from the Lichtenthal monastery to the old town with a view of the Oos. The avenue with its more than 300 impressive trees is already over 350 years old.

The cathedral in Freiburg with its special architecture and the cathedral square in the middle of the old town are also on the list of places that many visitors would like to see for themselves. For nature lovers, on the other hand, the Triberg waterfalls are a real must. They are among the highest waterfalls in Germany and fascinate both in summer and in winter.

Two mountains in the Black Forest should also be mentioned. On the one hand there is the Merkur, which is considered the local mountain of Baden-Baden and can be reached on foot, by bike or with a mountain railway. Of course, you should also enjoy the view of the region from the top of the Feldberg. The highest mountain in the Black Forest attracts with ski slopes in winter and with numerous hiking trails in summer, on which you can enjoy a Holiday around Black Forest can recover very well.

Culinary highlights

Especially the Black Forest cake is known beyond Germany. There are many different recipes, but of course a piece of this cake tastes particularly good on site. Apart from that, there are a few other delicacies for friends of regional specialties.

The typical Black Forest ham and other sausage specialties are often served with snacks. This is rounded off with a beer from the region or a fine "Viertel", i.e. a glass of wine. To top it off, there might even be a schnapps - if you're not traveling by car.

Sophisticated gastronomy can also be found in many places in the Black Forest. In recent years, more and more top restaurants have established themselves, some of which have even been awarded Michelin stars.

Activities for every season

If you want to go on holiday in the Black Forest, you will find exciting activities at any time of the year. Skiing or hiking, city trips or holidays in the country - all this and much more can be realized here. Paragliding or canoe tours in summer, cross-country skiing or downhill skiing in winter are just a few examples of leisure activities.

If the weather is not so nice, you can of course also spend the day in the hotel or in the holiday apartment. You can also relax wonderfully with small games on your smartphone or with your favorite series - in between there are of course one or two snacks from the Black Forest. In between you can even go to Trading online AvaTrade call and conclude one or the other trade there in order to supplement the travel budget a little while on vacation.

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