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Tips for an enchanting vacation


A vacation with the whole family is wonderful and should always be remembered. However, a lot can also go wrong. Before you know it, a little thing can turn into a major disaster. In order to avoid unforeseen surprises and simply enjoy the free hours, you should take a closer look at the following tips. Your next vacation will already be a great experience!

No problems packing your suitcase

The choice of luggage depends first and foremost on how long you plan the trip for. For a few days, a small suitcase or travel bag is enough. If you stay more than one night, you may need two. Note, however, that you are unlikely to be putting on every single piece of clothing. Many people prefer to pack a little more to make sure they have a change of clothes ready in case of an emergency. However, it is much smarter to think directly in suitable outfits. So don't just throw in any pants and tops, coordinate your choices. There are certainly other possible combinations between the outfits. Don't forget to pack sturdy shoes that you can easily wear on hiking tours or longer runs. That could be B. Nike sneakers which sit comfortably and are available in many different variants.
At the end it makes sense to go through a checklist. In this way you can quickly find out whether all important utensils have found their place in your bag. Think of your wallet, ID card, important medication, shampoo and the like.

Approach without traffic jams

You should know your route well, especially on very long journeys, which you might undertake by car or train. There can always be traffic accidents or construction work on your way. Also, at an inopportune time, you may end up in the Vacation or rush hour traffic. Try to avoid stressful phases in advance by proceeding with good planning. Apps for calculating the route can be very helpful in this and prove to be very useful in difficult times. It is also advisable to determine an alternative route if the first one contains too much traffic jam.

The goal and the activities

Of course, a vacation should primarily be about relaxation and recreation, but it is also a very good opportunity to explore new areas and places. Especially when the way was very long, you want to be able to claim to have seen something of the holiday area. So sit down with your family well in advance and make plans for your stay. Certainly different interests will clash, but a compromise can certainly also be reached. Special excursion destinations could refer to exploring foreign cities or z. B. a sporting activity, such as Climbing in the mountains. A balloon ride would certainly be an option.


Holidays should neither be too stressful nor boring. With the right preparations, you can save yourself a lot of work and simply enjoy the days. Good time management and the right utensils in the suitcase are essential and should not be ignored.
Nevertheless, the most important thing is of course the family, which will accompany you on the exciting tours.

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