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Salamanders on their way to happiness

The path of happiness in the Murg valley

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Location: Forbach/Bermersbach
Track length: 3.7 km
Ascent: 154 m
Descent: 159 m
Suitable for prams: ja
Starting point: Center Bermersbach

The Glücksweg in Murgtal is an adventure trail in the northern Black Forest. New discoveries and experiences can always be taken with you on the way. The Glücksweg also offers wonderful views of the Murg Valley.

The idyllic brook accompanies you constantly on the hike. You can rely on the Glücksweg in Murgtal! Whether for fun and numerous new discoveries for your children or for adults. The Glücksweg in the Murg Valley extends over 3,7 kilometers. The total ascent is 140 meters, the descent 130 meters. A little more than 2 hours should be planned for the entire circular route, depending on the speed, breaks and children.


The starting point of the Glücksweg in Murgtal is in the center of Bermersbach. When you leave the center of the village, a short ascent leads to a magical meadow valley. Various animal species, such as salamanders, small mice and magpies, accompany you on the wonderful journey of the Glückweg.

For the children, the first highlight takes place after a distance of about one kilometer. There is a slide here and a little further away, next to the stream, a very nice resting place. Here, especially for the children, is a good place to cool off their feet or play board and card games. This place is also suitable for a short break for food or snacks.

At the turning point of the Glückweg there is a small hut where you can also take a short break. Children can play by the stream again. The way back leads along a narrow path past some pretty hay huts. If you are lucky, you can spot deer on the platform below. For the last break you can take a short break at an old mill. The panorama can be observed from tables and benches. Finally, the circular route ends in the village with a breathtaking view of the valley and the Black Forest. Even in summer, the path is ideal for families. Sufficient shady places, benches and the cooling stream contribute to the refreshment on this circular route.

Parking and how to get there

There is a parking space at the Bermersbach cemetery. From here you can start the wonderful journey of the Glücksweg in the Murg Valley. If you get stuck or don't know the direction, you can look around for signs. Access to the hiking trail is made easier for you at every street corner.

Is the path suitable for prams?

Overall, the path is suitable for strollers. However, you should note that it could be tight in some places. It can also get a little bumpy in places. Parents were often spotted on the Glücksweg in the Murgtal with a stroller. However, it is recommended that you walk the path yourself or use a carrier. The path is mostly quite flat - except for the short and quite steep climb at the beginning of the Glücksweg in the Murgtal. This makes it suitable Hike for children aged 4 and over.


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