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Poker at Casino Baden-Baden

The Casino Baden-Baden - a sight in the Black Forest holiday

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Location: Baden-Baden

Baden-Baden was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2021 as part of “The Most Important Spa Towns in Europe”. Historical buildings and monuments, the spa gardens and the villa and spa district are the setting for a number of spa and entertainment offers.

The media, art and international festival city is also home to a casino that is unique in Germany. In its heyday in the 19th century, it was a meeting place for aristocrats, celebrities and wealthy citizens. Today she is one popular destination for international gambling fans.

The casino in Baden-Baden - gambling in a special atmosphere

The casino in Baden-Baden has a special atmosphere. It is located in a classical spa building – opulent rooms, historical architecture and modern entertainment meet here. If you want to play in style surrounded by glamor and luxury - like you do in films Casino Royale knows – find a suitable environment here.

With that it offers a perfect complement to modern online casinos, which you can easily reach from home. A visit to Casino Baden-Baden may involve more effort, but it offers a unique experience and a wide range of games. A similar selection can only be found in casinos with a foreign license - for example from Curacao.

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areas of the casino

In addition to the play area, there are:

  • Multiple event areas - rooms like that Florentine Hall offer stages and areas for shows, events or concerts. Parties, dance events and gala dinners can be held here. The late Renaissance-style rooms impress with pomp, gold and chandeliers.
  • Private gambling in the Bénazet room – the smaller one Room Bénazet offers space for around 170 people and a handful of tables for classic games such as poker, where you can play in private company on a small scale.
  • The Glass Pavilion – the pavilion is a modern reinterpretation of the classic play areas. With its glazing overlooking the lounge area of ​​the terrace, which can be opened completely, you almost feel as if you are under the open sky.
  • The Bernstein Club - the club offers a bar, lounge, entertainment, DJs, dance floors and gaming tables. It is open on Fridays & Saturdays from 21pm to 2:30am. You can rent it from Sundays to Thursdays, for example for private parties or crash courses in the Cocktail shaking.
  • The Grill Restaurant - the casino's restaurant has an international concept. Here you will find a large selection of wines, Dry Ager with meat specialties, sushi and sashimi creations and much more in a noble ambience.

The history of the casino

The Grand Duke Karl Friedrich von Baden made Baden-Baden his summer residence in the last years of his life before his death in 1811. With that it became one cultural and political center of Germany. Gambling was a magnet for visitors and a source of finance.

Even before that, gambling was permitted – often in the adjoining rooms of hotels. From 1801 gambling was licensed and monitored. The authorities were interested in the revenue and feared it would get out of their control. This is why licenses and gaming taxes came about. At the end of the Napoleonic era there were two public casinos in Baden-Baden, which were eventually reduced to what is now the Kurhaus.

After the first tenants, the son of a French blacksmith, Jacques Bénazet, took over the casino in 1838. After Paris closed its casinos in 1838, the casino operator who had previously been active there was driven to Germany. There he received the concession for the Baden-Baden Casino and subsequently built it up to its current fame.

Er increased cultural life in the Kurhaus and invited artists, writers and feuilleton writers from Paris, to whom he gave gold in order to be able to take part in the game of chance. In return, they advertised the place and the casino in their writings as "like Paris" and made Baden-Baden the "summer capital of Europe".

Bismarck closed all gambling halls in 1872. Baden-Baden became a pure health resort with its representative hotel buildings in the vicinity of the casino. Gambling was not resumed until 1933.

After another closure during WW2 the casino was ceremoniously reopened in 1950, now as part of Baden-Württembergische Spielbanken GmbH & Co. KG, controlled by a subsidiary of state-owned investment company of the state of Baden-Württemberg.

Admission, opening hours & prices

Casino hours are staggered according to the respective games. Access to roulette is 15pm to 2am Sunday to Thursday and 15pm to 3am Friday & Saturday.

Total stand visitors between 15pm and 3:30am Various games and entertainment options are available, with longer opening times at weekends.

Ticket prices for classic games are included 5 euros per person. Slot games are currently accessible for free.

minimum age

Access to Casino Baden-Baden is from 21 years is possible.

Admission only with ID

Without valid passport or identity card there is no access.

Dress Code

Well-groomed casual clothing is sufficient for slot machine games – you need one for the classic table games an upscale wardrobe. Men are asked to wear a jacket, shirt and tie. If you stop by spontaneously, you can buy a shirt (€18) and rent a jacket (€8) at reception.

Events in Casino Baden-Baden

There is more to Casino Baden-Baden than just gambling. The aesthetic environment often serves as a backdrop for various events:

  • readings by authors, who present segments from their books here
  • master concerts for Berliner Philharmoniker.
  • Another highlight is that Playboy Gentlemen's Weekend, where players can feel like James Bond and Co. accompanied by the Playboy bunnies.
  • The casino stops on Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays and occasionally on Tuesdays and Thursdays poker tournaments. The cash game always takes place from 19 p.m. You can reserve a place for it on the website.

The premises of the casino can also be Rent for private and business parties.


The casino in Baden-Baden offers an incomparable gaming experience. With the appropriate dress code, you can take part in several classic casino games. Enjoy the design of the neoclassical and late Renaissance architecture, with its columns, golden stucco and paintings. In addition to the play areas, you also have access to a club, a restaurant and function rooms for book readings, concerts and other entertainment.

Image courtesy of Photo by Michał Parzuchowski on Unsplash