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"Kleine Kinzig" dam near Alpirsbach

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Location: Alpirsbach

The Kleine Kinzig dam is a popular one Excursion destination for nature lovers and those who Rest and relaxation seek. it is located above Alpiersbach-Reinerzau. It is about 15 km from Freudenstadt.

Drinking water supply and energy production

The dam is mainly used for Drinking water supply and the Flood protection. In May 1982 the filling of the dam began. It is a rockfill dam made of granite and red sandstone with an inner lining made of asphalt concrete. After the end of the filling in October 1982, the first impounding began in December 1982.

The dam produces between 3 and 8 million m³ of drinking water a year. Also carries an attached Hydroelectric power station for power supply at. The maximum output of the power plant is 580 kW.

location and surroundings

The Kleine Kinzig dam is located in the middle of a beautiful landscape surrounded by forests and mountains. It is part of the Black Forest Nature Park, one of the largest and most beautiful nature parks in Germany. The surrounding area is perfect for hiking and cycling tours. On the tour you have a breathtaking view of the dam and the surrounding nature.

Hiking trails around the dam

For nature lovers there is numerous hiking trails in the vicinity of the dam. There are both easy and more demanding routes that lead through forests and along the Kinzig.

Once around the dam

A particularly beautiful 8 km long one Circular hiking trail leads around the lake and offers beautiful views. The trail is well signposted and accessible to everyone. During the hike you can enjoy the beauty of nature and maybe even spot wildlife.

The Black Forest Water Path

Another beautiful hiking trail is the Black Forest Water Trail. The interested hiker will find on the approximately 6 km long hiking trail information boards all to water theme.


Although the Kleine Kinzig dam is mainly used to supply drinking water, it still offers a variety of activities for visitors of all ages.

For those who like it quieter, there are options Relaxing on the shore and observing nature. Water sports are not permitted on the dam as it is used to obtain drinking water.

Visit to the power generation plants

A particular highlight for visitors interested in technology is the opportunity to see the dam's power generation facilities.

Guided tours are offered to show you how the dam as a power plant is used and which technologies are used to generate electricity. The tours give an insight into how a hydroelectric power plant works and explain how the energy is generated.

These tours are of particular interest to school and university students who are interested in technology and environment interested.

Activities in the area

Another highlight of the Kleine Kinzig dam is the opportunity to discover the flora and fauna of the area. The dam is home to a variety of bird species and other wildlife. There is also a variety of plants and shrubs to discover during a walk or hike. The dam Kleine Kinzig is also a popular destination for families with children.


The Kleine Kinzig dam is a great destination for the whole family. It offers a variety of activities and leisure options in a beautiful setting. Visitors can enjoy nature, discover the flora and fauna, visit the power generation plants. A visit is definitely worth it!

Image courtesy of Robert Schneider - stock.adobe.c