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Cities & places in the Black Forest

The Black Forest impresses visitors first of all through the wooded landscape. The numerous beautiful cities and towns make the Black Forest what it is, one of the most popular holiday regions in Germany. Every place is special and no one is like the other.

The town of Alpirsbach is located in the Northern Black Forest, in the district of Freudenstadt. With 6.757 inhabitants, it is not the largest city but all the more interesting. the
Bad bellingen
In Bad Bellingen you can enjoy a high level of recreational value for all ages and correspondingly demanding leisure activities that are seldom found in central Europe.
Bad Durrheim
The word "bath" says a lot about this place and rightly so! The town is located in the Schwarzwald-Baar district in Baden-Württemberg
Bad Krozingen
The spa town of Bad Krozingen is located in the Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald district and is approx. 15 km from Freiburg. To the west is the border to
Bad Rippoldsau
Highest mineral and mud baths in the Black Forest - therapeutic bath and climatic health resort (400 - 900 m) Welcome to us, with all our hearts! Untouched nature in the wild and romantic
Bad Teinach-Zavelstein
The town of Bad Teinach-Zavelstein is located in the northern Black Forest, about halfway between Stuttgart and Baden-Baden. Specifically, Bad Teinach-Zavelstein is one
... is a city in the west of Baden-Württemberg. With 54.600 inhabitants, it is the smallest of the nine independent cities in the state and forms a central center
Badenweiler with its 4.000 inhabitants is located in the Baden-Württemberg district of Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald, around 30 km south of Freiburg in the Markgräflerland. The place is referred to as
With around 50.000 inhabitants, Rastatt is a so-called medium-sized town, which is around 22 kilometers from Karlsruhe (south/west) and around 12 kilometers from Baden-Baden (north).
Basel (French: Bâle, ital./rätorom./span. Basilea, Latin Basilia, Eng. Basle) is a city in the border triangle between Switzerland, Germany and France. The city of Basel and the
Holiday fun - sport - relaxation in the most beautiful high valley in the southern Black Forest nature park Bernau in the Black Forest - insider tip for: quiet connoisseurs, nature lovers and active people. The
...in the south of the Black Forest Welcome to the town "in the sun shell" in the middle of an intact holiday landscape! BONNDORF, with its 6.500 inhabitants, is at 800 - 1.000
Breisach is a welcoming town on the Upper Rhine. The region near Alsace is one of the warmest regions in Germany and in good weather
The large district town of Bühl is located very far to the west of Baden-Württemberg. Around 10 kilometers southwest of Baden-Baden and 138 m above sea level. NHN loads
Badger Mountain
Resort in the southern Black Forest At 750-1000 m is Dachsberg, the hiker's paradise - an oasis for family holidays. Nature and hiking holidays. “Holidays
Impressive landscapes, history and sights - Freiburg im Breisgau is one of the most popular travel destinations in southern Germany. The city is also known as the "Capital of the Black Forest".
The climatic health resort Freudenstadt is a city in the southwest of the state of Baden-Württemberg between Offenburg in the west (approx. 36 km away) and Tübingen in the east
Furtwangen is the highest town in Baden-Württemberg. Between 850 m and 1.150 m above sea level it lies in an attractive landscape in the upper Bregtal of the Central Black Forest in the source area
The geographic location of Gengenbach. Gengenbach is located in Kinzig on the edge of the Black Forest in the middle of the Kinzig valley. The city belongs to the district of Ortenau, the city center
The fantastically beautiful Glottertal is located in the midst of a truly breathtaking natural backdrop in the central Black Forest, not far from Freiburg. The Glottertal forms the transition from the middle
... the "village in the sky" Dear guest! We welcome you to the climatic health resort of Höchenschwand, the "village in the sky" on the sun terrace of the southern Black Forest,
Horb am Neckar
Horb am Neckar has around 25.000 inhabitants. Its location is the eastern edge of the Black Forest. A picturesque little place that is extremely conveniently located, directly on the
State-approved resort in the middle of the Black Forest! ...with the districts of Niederwasser and Reichenbach — it's rustic, in the middle of the Black Forest! "If it's Black Forest, then please
Southern Black Forest The community of Ibach has 380 inhabitants and is located on the vast high valley formed by the former Feldberg glacier. The high valley was settled in
Where is Kandern? Kandern is a municipality in the southern Black Forest in Baden-Württemberg with around 8.500 inhabitants at an altitude of 352 m above sea level.
The city of Karlsruhe is located in Baden-Württemberg and is the third largest city in this federal state after Stuttgart and Mannheim. Karlsruhe has around 308.436 inhabitants (as of December
With these prospects one wishes for wings! You have driven through the Höllental and the overwhelming sight of the rocks that left enormous inclines and curves
The climatic health resort of Lenzkirch is located at 810 to 1192 meters above sea level, in the middle of the Black Forest. Embedded in the beautiful Black Forest landscape - between Titisee, Feldberg, Schluchsee and
The market town from the 13th century ensures the guests holiday and leisure entertainment of a family-friendly holiday resort. With the places Bachheim, the recognized climatic health resort Dittishausen, Göschweiler, Reiselfingen,
As a district town, Lörrach has been the largest town in the district of the same name since April 1, 1956. In the immediate vicinity is the Black Forest, Weil
Wildly romantic natural scenery meets picturesque originality... Idyllic, romantic, sun-kissed, inviting and original; these attributes characterize the picturesque climatic health resort of Lossburg. The place is a combination
Munster Valley
The Munster Valley, which stretches between Markgräflerland and the Upper Black Forest with a difference in altitude of 400 - 1400 m, has been a state-approved climatic health resort since 1969. Through
Fresh air, wonderful nature, rustic ambience, living tradition and rustic enjoyment of local specialties bring around 30.000 holiday guests to rave about in Oberharmersbach year after year.
Oberkirch is located in the Renchtal holiday region. The place is a unique mix of the vineyard landscapes and the architecturally pleasing city center that
Oberried is located at the gates of Freiburg and is picturesquely situated in the mountains of the Black Forest. St. Wilhelm, Zastler and Hofsgrund belong to the municipality. So
Oppenau is an enchanting climatic health resort in the middle of the Black Forest. Around the city there is a magical mountain world, which many excursion guests enjoy for cycling, hiking or
Saint Peter
Founded i. In 1093 by Zähringen Duke Bertold II, as a house monastery and burial place, the present day was built around the monastery over the centuries
Friendly people, medieval flair and lots of nature - Schiltach was quickly taken into your heart. The picturesque picture of the half-timbered facades, the winding streets
The small town of Schonach is known worldwide, and that is mainly due to the world's first largest cuckoo clock, which even made it into the Guinness Book of
The insider tip for holidays in the Southern Black Forest Nature Park – Schönau in the Black Forest! People here get new elixir of life from the bounty of nature. An in
debris forest
Schutterwald is located in the district of Ortenau, in the Upper Rhine Plain at 151 meters above sea level. Offenburg is only about 6 kilometers away. Sports friends is the place
Seebach, called the "Mummelseedorf in the Black Forest", is located in the Black Forest National Park and attracts many tourists every year. Seebach in the Black Forest The small town in the district of Ortenau
With the romantic farms in the Black Forest and the historic water-powered mills, Simonswald is one of the most characteristic places in the area and is located on the clock road.
Fascination of healing climate in an overwhelming natural setting The health resort of Titisee is characterized by its outstanding scenic beauty and its very high quality of life. The city is
Todtnau is located in the heart of the southern Black Forest at an altitude of 560m to 1490m between Feldberg and Belchen. The main town is at the end of the meadow valley
The health resort of Unterkirnach is located in the Southern Black Forest Nature Park. Accessible from Offenburg via the B 33 through the Black Forest. By car there are different
Vöhrenbach, a small town in the Schwarzwald-Baar district, lies about 800 meters above sea level in the Breg valley in the central Black Forest. Neighboring are Villingen-Schwenningen and
Deceleration in the Black Forest The city, which is located on the German Clock Route, should give locals and tourists a feeling of calm, deceleration and moderate interaction
… In the Southern Black Forest Nature Park The Wieden resort in the Southern Black Forest is located in the upper Wiesental between the striking Feldberg and Belchen peaks. The sunny high altitude (800 -
A paradise for your vacation ... The rivers Kinzig and Wolf with their romantic side valleys and the climatic health resorts Wolfach in the heart of the Black Forest. Here is
... located in the south-eastern Black Forest at an altitude of 700 to 800 meters, with its healthy Black Forest air and its quiet location, it is an ideal recreational area
Zell am Hamersbach
Smallest imperial city with "cock and hen" Not far from the French border is a small community with a past steeped in history - the former imperial city of Zell am
Zell im Wiesental
The Zeller Bergland lies charmingly on both sides of the Wiesental, with Zell im Wiesental, surrounded by beautiful fir and mixed forests, at the center; Atzenbach and Mambach are also in the valley.
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