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Snow plow in the Black Forest

Winter service - you have to pay attention to that

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Winter service is a broad generic term for removing snow and ice in order to maintain traffic safety and economic efficiency in the outdoor area. Clearance and litter is a traffic safety obligation that serves to avoid accidents. Basically a must professional winter service company be entrusted with the evacuation so as not to miss anything and to meet the compulsory insurance.

There are basic principles to be observed for winter maintenance

It is known that you should always clear the paths when there is heavy snowfall. Often, however, there is a lack of clarity about the following things: What do you have to vacate? What times do you have to vacate and how often should it be vacated? How do I sprinkle?

a. What times do you have to vacate and how often should it be vacated?

Evacuation should take place daily between 7 a.m. and 20 p.m. and on Sundays and public holidays only from 9 a.m.

It is cleared regularly and depending on the weather conditions.
Approximately 1,20 m wide so that two people can walk past each other.

The basic rule is that: Roads, surfaces, runways and rails in public spaces must be cleared by a professional winter service. In addition, access routes on a property that are used by third parties, customers or suppliers must be free of snow and ice. The snow must therefore be cleared daily and regularly between 7 a.m. and 20 p.m. Sundays and public holidays are included. A good winter road service can take care of that. The municipality sets the times. When clearing, you should make sure that the path is cleared to a sufficient width. When spreading, you have to note that for the sake of the environment, road salt is sometimes not allowed and you have to resort to sand and chippings or granules. The municipality regulates the requirements for this as well. Therefore, you should resort to a professional winter service, they know all the requirements.

Legal basis of a winter service

There is no direct winter service law that officially regulates winter service measures. Instead, there is only the evacuation and littering obligation, which is part of the traffic safety obligation.

b. What does the traffic safety requirement mean in concrete terms?

Property owners and property owners are obliged to clear and scatter so that dangers are averted and possible accidents can be avoided. The municipalities always regulate regionally the precise specifications about which grit is allowed, at what times it can be spread and what differences you have to consider when clearing a private and industrial property. Construction and road affairs are part of the non-instructional, compulsory tasks of local self-government, which have been assigned to local authorities in Article 28 of the Basic Law. However, if you do not comply with these requirements of the clearance and spreading obligation, the failure to do so will result in claims for damages according to the following paragraph 823 ff. In the BGB. This can result in claims for damages with compensation for pain and suffering. Failure to clear the snow can also be fined by the municipalities.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • You also have to evacuate regularly on Sundays and public holidays
  • Clearance and gritting service is a traffic safety obligation, this can lead to claims for damages in the event of non-compliance
  • Road salt is banned in some municipalities
  • Take your winter service and your duty to clear and grit seriously and hire a professional winter service to do so.

Professional winter services

Since snow removal can be a major challenge, especially on large, industrial properties, it is best to contact a professional winter service company.

A good professional winter service should meet the following points:

a. Fast - When weather conditions change, quick action must be taken. The winter service should work efficiently and very carefully.

b. Be specialized - gritting and clearing services depend on the weather conditions and the size of a property. Therefore, when choosing a professional winter service, pay attention to the purposes offered.

c. Be professional - only trust in strong partners who are familiar with the legal requirements of a spreading service on site and can provide competent advice on all winter service measures.
The winter service should clear your way safely and quickly. Pay attention to environmentally friendly gritting services that take care of de-icing and thawing and ultimately protect your property.

Even if there is no specific law for winter service, there is a nationwide clearing and littering obligation, which you as a property or property owner must also comply with. You must have the streets, areas and rails cleared regularly every day, including Sundays and public holidays. Depending on the weather and the area, the effort can be high, you should rely on one of the professional winter services, who will take care of the removal of snow and ice competently and reliably.

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