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Prepare for a hike in the Black Forest: that's what matters

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The Black Forest is rightly a popular travel destination, especially for visitors from our own country. Nature-loving tourists will get their money's worth here, as the region has picturesque landscapes and a varied flora and fauna to offer. It's not for nothing that many enthusiastic people travel every year Hikers in the Black Forestto explore the forests and valleys on your own. However, a hike in the Black Forest needs to be planned well in your own interest.

Pay attention to the equipment when hiking in the Black Forest

Those who travel to the Black Forest often do so to go on one or two hikes there. The longer the tour should last, the more careful the planning and preparation must be.

A short walk can take place with sneakers and without luggage: but if you intend to stay in the forest for several hours, the equipment should also be appropriate. Sturdy shoes are a must, as is suitable clothing. Since the weather conditions and temperatures in the Black Forest tend to change within a comparatively short time (especially if the hiking route includes inclines), a weatherproof jacket should definitely be packed. Of course, drinks and, if necessary, snacks also belong in the backpack. In case something happens along the way and a hiker gets injured, it is very important to have a working mobile phone with you. If your own smartphone shows functional restrictions before you travel to the Black Forest, it is advisable to buy a new cell phone and a suitable one beforehand Complete mobile phone tariffs online and to ensure that help can be called in an emergency. After all, the same applies when hiking: safety should always be the focus.

Hiking on the Westweg
Hiking on the Westweg

Plan the route carefully and don't overestimate yourself

There are many hiking routes in the Black Forest that are suitable for very different target groups. Anyone planning to embark on a longer journey should plan this venture carefully. It is advisable to look at the exact route in advance and find out what requirements it places on hikers.

Older people, children or people with a rather bad condition should not choose a route that is too demanding. Excessive demands can quickly destroy the fun of hiking and can also become dangerous. Beginners in hiking so it is better to choose an easy hiking route that is marked accordingly. It is also possible to find out which routes are suitable for which requirements at the tourist information office or at the hotel.

Physically fit and experienced hikers can of course choose the more difficult variants to challenge themselves and discover the impressive landscapes of the Black Forest. However, even with many years of experience, experts recommend always being careful and relying on safety. This also includes informing third parties about the project. If something happens on the way, it is an advantage if acquaintances or hotel employees know which route was chosen and where the hikers are located. have to emergency services are notified, the rescue can take place much faster if the whereabouts can be narrowed down directly. Even experienced hikers can't do it without adequate preparation. But if these tips are followed, breathtaking forests, mountains and valleys await travelers in the Black Forest, leaving lasting impressions.

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