Webcams at Notschrei

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The webcams at Notschrei: Insights into the breathtaking landscape

The Notschrei is a popular center for cross-country skiers and is located in the southern Black Forest between Oberried and Todtnau. On the Notschrei, the three lanes of the Stübenwasenspur (19,6km), Schauinslandspur (17,2km) and Haldenspur (3,5km) are groomed and maintained for popular sports by the Notschrei-Loipe association. In addition to the cross-country trails, there is also the biathlon facility, the Nordic Arena, on the Notschrei.

Several webcams show the trails, the Nordic arena and the Notschrei ski lift.


Trail report

Which trails are currently groomed on Notschrei? In the following trail report you can see where you can currently run. You can find a detailed trail report on the website of the Notschrei trail.

Stuben wasen track
Temperature forecast from March 27.03.2023th, 02.04.2023 according to various weather services in the Upper Black Forest again in the plus range until April 02.04.2023nd, XNUMX. No further significant amounts of fresh snow predicted until April XNUMXnd, XNUMX.
22 p.m.
Schauinsland track
22 p.m.
Heap track
22 p.m.

If you are looking for a way to see the impressive landscape of the Notschrei Pass between Oberried and Todtnau, you should check out the webcams installed there. These cameras provide glimpses of the beautiful nature and allow our visitors to see the current weather and snow conditions. In this article you will learn more about the cry of distress and the webcams installed there.

The cry of distress

The Notschrei is a well-known pass in the southern Black Forest that connects the Wiesental with the Dreisamtal and is at an altitude of 1.120 meters above sea level. In winter, the Notschrei is a popular winter sports area, while in summer it is a paradise for hikers, mountain bikers and nature lovers.

The landscape around the Notschrei is characterized by an impressive nature. In winter, the landscape is mostly covered with snow, which makes the Notschrei one of the most popular skiing and cross-country skiing areas in the region. In summer, on the other hand, the landscape shows itself in all its splendor and offers countless opportunities for hikes and excursions into nature.

The webcams at the cry of distress

The webcams at Notschrei offer a unique view of the landscape and are installed at various locations. With these cameras, you can always take a look at the current weather and snow situation in order to plan your activities accordingly. You can also share the cameras on social media to give others a glimpse of the cry of distress's beauty.

Current weather and snow conditions

The webcams are not only a useful tool for planning, but also a great way to view the stunning scenery from your sofa or office. In winter, they provide an impression of the snow conditions and help you choose the right equipment for winter activities. 

The cross-country ski runs at the Notschrei

The cross-country skiing center is one of the most beautiful and challenging in all of Germany. With a total length of over 40 kilometers, they offer cross-country skiers of all skill levels an unforgettable experience in the midst of the picturesque landscape of the southern Black Forest.

The trails are divided into different levels of difficulty, from easy beginner routes to demanding competition routes. For beginners and families there is the "Haldenspur", which is flat and easy to master. Advanced cross-country skiers can try their hand at more demanding routes such as the "Stübenwasenspur" (19,6km) or the "Schauinslandloipe" (17,2km), which lead through steep climbs and rapid descents.

The cross-country trails on the Notschrei are regularly groomed to offer optimal conditions for cross-country skiers. There are two places to stop at the Notschrei Pass that offer regional specialties.

The trails are a real highlight for cross-country skiers. With their unique landscape and varied routes, they offer an unforgettable experience for everyone. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, everyone gets their money's worth here. A visit will be worth it in any case!

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