Webcams at Notschrei

The Notschrei is a popular center for cross-country skiers and is located in the southern Black Forest between Oberried and Todtnau. On the Notschrei, the three lanes of the Stübenwasenspur (19,6km), Schauinslandspur (17,2km) and Haldenspur (3,5km) are groomed and maintained for popular sports by the Notschrei-Loipe association. In addition to the cross-country trails, there is also the biathlon facility, the Nordic Arena, on the Notschrei.

Several webcams show the trails, the Nordic arena and the Notschrei ski lift.


Trail report

Which trails are currently groomed on Notschrei? In the following trail report you can see where you can currently run. You can find a detailed trail report on the website of the Notschrei trail.

Stuben wasen track
Thin snow cover! Attention on all descents! Especially in the area of ​​the first shortcut 1a to Schweinbühlhütte and from shortcut 1a in the direction of Notschrei on the upper Schlechtnauerweg. Next preparation probably
21 p.m.
Schauinsland track
Be careful on the descent after the Bodenhütte, thin snow cover with ground contact! Be careful on all descents!!! Next preparation probably for Wednesday.
8 p.m.
Heap track
Thin snow cover. Be careful on all descents!!! Next preparation probably for next weekend
10 p.m.