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Schonach in the Black Forest

The nature discovery trail in Schonach

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Location: Schonach
Track length: 1.3 km
Ascent: 59m
Descent: 55m
Suitable for prams: no

The nature experience path in Schonach is a leisure activity for families with children and is very varied. Numerous hands-on stations on the subject of forests are waiting for children, parents and grandparents along the way and encourage them to participate. Nature should be experienced and explored with all of the senses. Playful activities should arouse curiosity about nature and promote people's understanding of nature and the environment.

There is a barefoot path, large ear trumpets with which you can listen to the forest and explore the sounds of the forest, and a long jump pit to measure yourself against.
There is a small playground at the end of the tour.
The nature adventure trail in Schonach has a total length of 1,3 kilometers. You should plan about an hour for the journey.
If you want, you can combine the family hike with the “Schalensteinpfad”.


You can pick up a questionnaire at the Tourist Information in Schonach in the "Haus des Gastes" before the start of the hike during the opening hours or print it out at home on the computer. The tourist information is closed on Sundays.

The questions can Children during their hike answer on the nature adventure trail in Schonach. The questions relate to the topics: forest, tree species or natural phenomena.

  • "What is the name of this tree?"
  • Why are conifers green in winter too? "
  • "Which animals live in the forest?"
  • "Why doesn't Hansi Holzspecht get a headache from hammering with his beak?"
  • "Why is the forest so important to us humans?"

The children can answer these or similar questions.

At the end of the tour, each child is awarded a certificate as a “junior forester”. Don't forget to fill out the form with pens.

How is the way signposted?

The hiking trail is lovingly signposted with white plaques that say "Naturerlebnispfad Schonach" and a pictured woodpecker named "Hansi Holzknecht".
"Hansi Holzknecht" shows hikers the way with his beak.
"That's the way, always following the tip of the beak," you want to hear him call out, it's that nice.

Is the path suitable for prams?

The path leads directly through the forest and is therefore only conditionally suitable for use with prams. Back carriers and handcarts are more suitable and can be borrowed from the “Haus des Gastes”.

Arrival by car

If you come with your own car, you drive on the state road 109 coming from Triberg, in Schonach, turn left in the direction of Schönwald and take the next possible street on the right to the "Haus des Gastes".
If you are coming from the direction of Schönwald on district road 5751, take the second left in Schonach and continue to the "Haus des Gastes".


Free parking spaces are located directly at the "Haus des Gastes" in the center of Schonach or at the entrance to the hiking trail.

Arrival by public transport

If you want to come by public transport, take the 7270 bus from Triberg Furtwangen or the “Panoramabus Schwarzwald” and get off at the Triberger Straße stop.

Image courtesy of Stefan Asal - Datacreate Asal


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