View into the Wiesental
View into the Wiesental

Vacation in the Black Forest: Maximum relaxation in nature


The Black Forest is one of the most beautiful areas in Germany, it is located between Freiburg and the Feldberg. The varied low mountain range fascinates with idyllic landscapes and dreamy views. There are hot temperatures in summer, while snowfalls can be expected in the cold winter months. For these reasons, the Black Forest is ideal for a vacation to relax in nature.

Black Forest scores with unique flora and fauna

The Black Forest owes its name to the Romans, who called the region the Silva Nigra. Translated into German, this means black forest. Although the otherwise fearless conquerors even crossed the Alps, they avoided the impenetrable and dense wood of the Black Forest. It is the largest and highest low mountain range in Germany, which is located in the southwest of Baden-Württemberg. The area is very popular for a relaxing holiday both nationally and internationally.

Even today, visitors can still find original forest areas made up of deciduous and coniferous trees. The enormous wealth of spruce and fir trees, whose dark needles give the forest an almost black color, is very impressive. Furthermore, the landforms change constantly, they are criss-crossed by picturesque rivers and waterfalls. Numerous animal species live there, some of which are very rare and protected. That is why the Black Forest is the perfect destination for a relaxing holiday in nature. Who is on a longer Getting there Located there can be entertaining online slot machines Play Now. So the travel time goes by faster, until finally the arrival in the Black Forest is imminent.

The most beautiful sights in nature

In the Black Forest, vacationers can look forward to unforgettable Nature experiences be happy. They are well worth a visit Triberg waterfallswhere the water rushes over gigantic granite blocks to a depth of up to 163 meters. They are less frequented All Saints Waterfalls near Oppenauwhich are located below the monastery. The lakes in the Black Forest are also absolutely worth seeing, some of which are not developed for tourism. There, hikers can find quiet oases in the middle of the forests and nature reserves. This includes the legendary Mummelsee in the northern Black Forest, surrounded by dark fir trees. Furthermore, the Blindensee is located on the high moor and therefore has a black water surface. Pine and birch trees grow there, as well as typical bog plants. The Glaswaldsee, which is a glacier lake from the Ice Age and is also surrounded by dense forest, is even more secluded.

Thermal baths for relaxation in the Black Forest

The Black Forest is also for his Thermal baths known to strengthen one's own health through the healing power of thermal springs. These include:

Body and mind can relax holistically there.


Due to its wonderful natural landscapes, the Black Forest is perfect for a relaxing holiday. There are numerous sights on site, and the forests and nature reserves invite you to leisurely tours of discovery.

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