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Healthy in the Black Forest

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The Black Forest region is not only popular with German tourists for its picturesque landscape, culinary delights and diverse leisure activities. Come here People of all ages on your costs. The Black Forest primarily offers one thing for young and old: 100 percent recovery – and in every respect! Therefore, it is not surprising that many people here... Short trip to recharge your batteries or even spend their annual vacation.

While some holiday destinations are mainly geared towards a certain time of year, those looking for relaxation will find it in the Black Forest Pure nature all year round. Whether in winter for ski enthusiasts, in spring for hiking in mild temperatures, in summer for trips to the mountains in bright sunshine or in autumn for getting some fresh air in the extensive forest areas - every season has its charms. The Black Forest climate through the seasons proves how pleasant the so-called Oceanic climate makes the stay.

What belongs in the first aid kit?

To ensure that your vacation is not marred by any negative experiences, it is advisable - as with all trips - to carefully prepare a travel first aid kit. This includes both Care products as well as some medications for quick care if there are minor incidents. That's one adequate sun protection Essentially one of the absolute “basics”, because UV radiation is often underestimated at high altitudes. We also recommend Insect repellent and anti-irritation creams, In the Aliva Pharmacy You can easily find everything you need to start your vacation well prepared.

You should definitely not forget one First aid kit for minor accidents. In the wild, the nearest doctor is often far away and there are usually pharmacies in small villages on the way very limited opening hours. So it's practical if you put together a small first-aid kit before you start your journey, then you'll be well prepared if the worst comes to the worst and can enjoy your holiday without a long search or waiting. Of course, this is even more true if you... traveling with children.

Practical helper for on the go: medication apps

Anyone who is regularly dependent on medication knows it only too well: at home, in the daily grind, it is still relatively easy to stick to your daily routine to take your medication on time. But when it comes to traveling, most people find it difficult to concentrate on their intake. Whether on a short trip or on vacation, the new impressions take up all the attention You quickly forget to take it. Often all the forgotten medication is taken at once in the evening, hastily and with a guilty conscience. This not only makes little sense, but in some circumstances it does very dangerous for health. An indiscriminate mix of medications can have unpredictable consequences.

Fortunately, these days offer Apps for smartphones simple help. Some of these practical medication apps do their job very well. For example, they reliably remind you to take your medication on time at the programmed time, regardless of whether you are on a mountain peak, in a café or on a bike ride. You should always have a bottle of water with you anyway, that's how it works Taking it is child's play. In addition, the apps still have many other useful functions on board, such as a search function, drug database or barcode scanner.


To ensure that your next trip is truly relaxing, you should prepare. A few little tips will help you enjoy your valuable time carefree. Further recommendations, if you go further afield, can also be found in Travel special from the consumer advice center. So it's worth investing a moment so you can start your vacation without any worries.

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