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Health on a hiking holiday: tips and tricks for children and parents

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The hiking vacation is for Children and parents a great experience and the Black Forest offers excellent opportunities to explore nature. As for every vacation, the necessary preparations must be made here so that the children stay healthy on the trip. With just a few tips and tricks, the whole family is perfectly prepared and can enjoy their hiking holiday without worries.

The first-aid kit for hiking holidays

So that the children stay healthy on the hike, parents should take their first-aid kit and a first aid kit with them, so that they can be prepared even if a doctor is not immediately available. The most important emergency medication includes medicines for fever, stomach problems and pain, among others. A disinfectant from the pharmacy should also not be missing. In addition, parents should bring enough plasters and other bandages with them to treat injuries. If a family member is dependent on the regular intake of certain medication, a sufficient amount should of course also be in their luggage as an “emergency ration”.

Daily care should not be neglected during the hike: Sufficient sun protection is not only important in midsummer, but also on cloudy days. the FORMULA Skin dermatologists recommend, in addition to an individually tailored skin care routine, always sun protection with a sun protection factor of 50 or more. Because sensitive children's skin is particularly at risk from the strong sunlight at high altitudes.

What to do in an emergency: what to do if my child is injured on the hiking tour?

If a child injures themselves on the hike, it is important to keep calm. Parents should carefully provide first aid to prevent the injury from getting worse. To do this, you should familiarize yourself with the most important emergency measures before the hike. First aid courses for children are ideal for preparing for a hiking holiday.

When things get serious and a doctor is needed, 112 is the right choice. The rescue coordination center then informs the nearest hospital or doctors in your area. Parents can also collect important tips for emergencies from the local tourist office before the hike.

Good hiking equipment - also for children

Parents should ensure that they have the right equipment so that children do not tire too quickly or damage their backs while hiking. An ergonomic hiking backpack is particularly important: it shouldn't be too heavy and the children should be able to carry it easily. Also, parents should be on solid footwear be careful, because hiking over hill and dale can put a lot of strain on your feet. In addition to a waterproof rain jacket, a hat and gloves are also recommended - the cold in nature should not be underestimated.

Reflective clothing is particularly important when hiking in the evening or at night: drivers recognize children on the road so much earlier and can react faster.

The right hiking route for children

Not every hiking route is made for vacationing with children: Parents should find out about the hiking trails in advance and only choose routes that are suitable for children are. After all, strenuous or lengthy hikes can quickly exhaust or frustrate children. Here, too, safety has top priority: hiking along streets or highways is not recommended, as the traffic could endanger children.

Parents should plan enough breaks for their children on the hike. Instead of long hikes, it is advisable to go on stages and, if possible, bring the children to more beautiful vantage points. So everyone stays happy and in a good mood - until the end of the hike.

Proper nutrition on a hiking holiday

In order for children to stay healthy during the hike, parents should also pay attention to proper nutrition. Pre-hiking dinner should be high protein and nutritious. Pasta or rice dishes with lots of vegetables and a source of protein are ideal.

Easily digestible fruits and vegetables are particularly suitable on the hiking trail. Muesli or whole grain bread are good snacks for in between meals. On the other hand, sugary snacks such as chocolate, sweets and soft drinks should be avoided - even if it can of course be difficult to convince the children of this.

Lots to drink is also particularly important during a hiking holiday: water or unsweetened teas are ideal thirst quenchers and provide the appropriate supply of fluids. Here too - to the chagrin of many children - drinks containing sugar are not a good alternative.

With these few tips and tricks, parents and children can start their hiking holiday relaxed. Enjoy nature, gather new impressions and stay healthy at the same time - this is very easy with the right preparation.

Image courtesy Photo by Holly Mandarich on Unsplash