Muggenbrunn in the southern Black Forest
Muggenbrunn in the southern Black Forest

Muggenbrunn circular adventure trail

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Location: Muggenbrunn
Track length: 7.5 km
Ascent: 324 m
Descent: 324 m
Suitable for prams: no
Starting point: Muggenbrunn village center

The Muggenbrunn circular adventure trail is located in the beautiful Black Forest biosphere area South from Freiburg. The path invites the whole family to hike and explore the beautiful Black Forest. The Black Forest is a rural cultural landscape and green deciduous and mixed forests.

The description of the route for the Muggenbrunn circular route

Over a total length of eight kilometers, you and your family can experience the various facets of the mountain and climatic health resort Muggenbrunn. You will need two to three hours for the entire adventure tour. On the one hand, you can experience the wonderful mountain world and its nature on the Muggenbrunn circular adventure trail. The Felsenwegle on the adventure circular route is very well known. You can also explore the various forests, alpine pastures and native waters on this circular route. Of course, you can also enjoy the wonderful panoramic views on this circular route. At the eleven themed stations that can be explored on the Muggenbrunn adventure circular route, you will find interesting knowledge about village history, village life, nature and, of course, the environment.

The first settler to live here, the Mugg, will lead you and your family through the path. According to a legend, he and his fountain are responsible for the name Muggenbrunn. The Mugg can also be found on the signposts for the adventure trail and on the eleven themed stations. You can listen to a little story from life and everyday life in the beautiful Black Forest at each of the eleven themed stations with the help of a QR code scanner on your own smartphone in local Alemannic. If you do not understand something, you can simply have the local population translate it for you.

You start right on the village square

The starting point is on the village square of Muggenbrunn. Go over the Hohfelsstraße to the themed location one. There you and your family will learn something about the topic of forests and forestry. On the second board, after you have followed the markings, you will learn something about the fortifications and the history of Turks-Louis. We continue on the Franzosenberg. There you can enjoy the wonderful view over Muggenbrunn.

Information about winter sports

On board number three you can find out how winter sports found their way into Muggenbrunn. On panels four and five you can learn something about nature and the view. We continue through the Trubelsbachtal nature reserve to panel number six. There you will learn something about the local animals and their tracks. This board shows what makes this area so special. After the Trubelsbachtal you will pass the snail rock where the table seven is. There you will learn something about the formation of the snail rock from gneiss.

Cool off on the Muggenbrunn barefoot path

Now it goes on on the Barefoot path with table eight. There you can learn something interesting about the longest fountain in the world. On the barefoot path, you can cool off at the fountain, have a foot massage and take a break in the barbecue hut.

Then cross the country road, go downhill along the parking lot and hike up to the left to the edge of the forest where board nine is located. There you will learn something interesting about mushrooms, berries and medicinal herbs from nature. Now you hike over the Heubühl to table ten, which is located on the Holzschlagbach. There you will learn something about the waters in the home of Mugg. You have now almost reached your destination, the village square in Muggendorf. Now you should follow the signs to look for the treasure. You will pass table eleven. Here you can learn about the extraction of silver ore. The Swiss black horse originated from this silver. From there it goes back to the starting point, the village square of Muggenbrunn.

Where can you park your car?

You can park your car at the Franzosenberglift in Muggenbrunn or in the hikers' car park near the Köpflelift.

Where is the starting point for the adventure trail?

The starting point of the adventure trail is on the village square at Maiergasse 22 in Muggenbrunn.

Is the adventure circular route suitable for prams?

The adventure circular route is not suitable for strollers.

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