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All Saints' Day waterfalls

All Saints' Day waterfalls

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Location: Oppenau
Suitable for prams: no

The Allerheiligen waterfalls in the Renchtal fall almost 90 meters over seven cascades and steep cliffs. Located between the Hundskopf, Schwabenkopf and Schliffkopf mountains, the waterfalls are among the highest and most beautiful in the entire Black Forest.

The path that was built in 1840 and meanders through the gorge along the Lierbach to the Allerheiligen waterfalls is particularly impressive.

Waterfalls video


The waterfall belonging to the monastery forest was inaccessible for some time despite the monastery being closed. Thanks to the enormous commitment of forest master Eichroth, who was also head of the forest in Achern, and forest warden Mittenmaier, the waterfalls were made accessible to everyone.

In the first few years, the newly created path was very narrow. The construction of the road had also been discussed with the Court Chamber in Karlsruhe. After a visit to the farm, 1842 guilders were made available in 100 to widen the path. Railings were installed and stairs provided more safety in steep places.

Where can you park?

You can park above the falls on Lierbachstraße or below at the Allerheiligen monastery ruins.

Images courtesy of Photo by Herm on Pixabay, Robert Schneider - stock.adobe.c, blende40 - stock.adobe.com, acaballero67 - stock.adobe.com, and Alexander - stock.adobe.com