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Tatzmania in Löffingen


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Location: Loeffingen
Suitable for prams: ja

The Black Forest Park Löffingen became Tatzmania in 2018, Tatzmania has hardly anything in common with the previous park. Almost everything was removed and redesigned.

One of the largest predator complexes in Europe with lions and tigers is now waiting for the visitors. Four rides, the Wellenflieger, African Spin, Freefall Tower and the Venture River, will delight young and old visitors.

Lots of animals

Lions, tigers, meerkats, porcupines, wolves, elk, dybowski deer, barbary apes, ibexes, ponies, bison, rheas, Cameroon sheep, red deer, llamas, dwarf goats, domestic chickens, Bennett kangaroos, Valais black-nosed sheep and emus

Great rides

A number of rides are waiting for visitors, the 32m high freefall, a small water ride, the chain carousel "Wellenflieger", a small roller coaster "African Spin" without looping are waiting in the Tatzmania.

Indoor hall

In the indoor hall "Jungleland" there is a great children's area with several slides, ball pool, labyrinth etc.

Images courtesy of Stefan Asal - Datacreate Asal and Asal Stefan