Staufenburg Castle
Staufenburg Castle

Staufenburg Castle


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Location: Durbach
Suitable for prams: ja

The walls that sit enthroned on the prominent rock nose, the Staufenberg in Durbach, are visible from afar. For 1000 years you have been looking from here to the peaks of the Black Forest, over Ortenau and Alsace. As defensive as it was in earlier centuries, the walls are so inviting to its visitors today. The family of the Margrave of Baden and the Durbach hotelier Dominic Müller (Hotel Ritter, Durbach) have created a place of hospitality here at Staufenberg Castle. A Baden landmark that attracts visitors far beyond the borders of Baden.

Viticulture in Ortenau, as in all of Baden, is closely interwoven with the history of Staufenberg Castle. The steep slopes of the Staufenberg have been planted with vines for centuries. A visit is not only worthwhile because of the incredibly beautiful landscape and the breathtaking view over the Rhine Valley to Alsace and beyond Strasburg, but also because of its eventful history. Staufenberg Castle was built as a castle by the famous Zähringer ducal family, the ancestors of the Margraves of Baden, in the 11th century. In 1782, Margrave Carl Friedrich von Baden, who later became the Grand Duke and creator of Baden quality viticulture, built here in the ?? Klingelberg ?? for the first time pure Riesling. This gave rise to a myth, the "Klingelberger", which stands for the unique Riesling tradition in the Ortenau region. Special attractions are the redesigned wine bar with the most popular viewing terrace in the region and our new, wonderful vinotheque.

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