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Kandertal Railway


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Location: Blumberg
Suitable for prams: partially


The exciting ride on the "Sauschwänzlebahn" leads in delightful variety:

  • from the Zollhaus-Blumberg train station (702 m above sea level)
  • through the Buchberg tunnel (805 m)
  • over the Biesenbach viaduct (252,5 m, height 24 m)
  • over the Epfenhofer Viaduct (length 264 m, height 34 m)
  • past Epfenhofen station
  • through the tunnel at Achdorfer Weg (540 m)
  • about the Wutach Gorge
  • past the Fützen train station
  • via the Fützen valley crossing (length 153 m, height 28 m)
  • through the large Stockhaldkreiskehrtunnel (diameter 700 m, length 1.700 m, spiral gradient 15,5 m)
  • through the small Stockhalde tunnel (85,5 m)
  • past Grimmelshofen station
  • through the Grimmelshofen tunnel (225 m)
  • over the Wutach Viaduct (length 107,5 m, height 28 m)
  • through the hamlet spiral tunnel (1.205 m)
  • past the Lausheim-Blumegg stop
  • to the wheat station
  • Difference in altitude from Weizen to Buchbergsattel: 231 m over 9,6 km as the crow flies or 25 km route.

Treat yourself to this unique experience of a leisurely stroll on our "Sauschwänzlebahn" in old wagons that our great-grandparents used to rock through a romantic landscape. There is also a restaurant car. It's a ride for young and old where you can film and take photos to your heart's content. There are enough motifs.