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Museum in the Ritterhaus Offenburg



Location: Offenburg
Suitable for prams: ja

The knight's house, built in 1784 as a mansion for an imperial school, houses a museum and city archive.

Two-story house with seventeen window axes. It has classicist forms and is structured by a three-storey central risalit closed with a triangular gable. The tower built into the corner of the courtyard with a spiral staircase made of red sandstone, which leads up to the top floor without a spindle, dates back to the 18th century.

The Offenburg Museum presents itself in bright, open and attractively designed rooms. Here you will find minerals, ores and rocks from the Black Forest, interesting facts about the natural and flora of the region, valuable excavation pieces, impressive testimonies from earlier centuries, terrifying masks from the South Seas and stuffed lions and tigers.

Discover the house and its treasures!

You should definitely bring your children with you, because this museum is more than 100 years old, but neither boring nor dusty. Perhaps you would like to see a film excerpt from the soapbox race in the 50s, listen to a nightingale or look at a gold panning boat that was panned for gold 150 years ago on the Rhine and Kinzig. A visit is not only worthwhile when it rains!

Changing exhibitions on modern art and everyday life underline the diversity of the house

Museum in the Ritterhaus Offenburg

Museum in the knight's house
Ritterstrasse 10
D-77652 Offenburg

Tel. 0781 ?? 82 2577
and 0781 ?? 82 2255
Fax. 0781 ?? 82 7521

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