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Schniederlihof Farmhouse Museum

Schniederlihof farmhouse

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Location: Hofsgrund
Suitable for prams: no

The Schniederlihof represents a piece of living history embedded in the idyllic landscape of the Black Forest. This traditional Black Forest house was built in 1593 and managed until 1966. Today it serves as a museum that shows visitors the rough and arduous life on farms in the Black Forest in past centuries.

Location on the Schauinsland

The Schniederlihof is picturesquely situated at an altitude of 1.050 meters in Hofsgrund on the scenic Schauinsland near Freiburg.

The name Schniederlihof

The farm got its name from a previous operator named “Schneider”. In the Alemannic dialect This was considered due to his small height sweetheart ("little tailor").


The Schniederlihof is a typical Black Forest house. Humans and animals lived under a common roof that reached down to the ground on the weather side. This was due to the long, snowy winters that often lasted into April.

Guided Tours

Visitors can experience the Schniederlihof with informative guided tours. They get a glimpse of the "Gute Stube", the "Kuchi" and the bedroom next to the stable, which paint an authentic picture of the sometimes sparse life in the country.

The Schniederlihof is a living monument of the Black Forest that brings visitors closer to life and work on a farm in the 16th century. With its picturesque location and its authentically preserved rooms, it is a worthwhile destination for anyone interested in history and culture.

Image courtesy of Stefan Asal - Datacreate Asal

Opening hours

weekdayOpening hours
Saturday12: 00–16: 00 pm
Sunday12: 00–16: 00 pm
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