Segerhof farmhouse museum



Location: Wembach
Suitable for prams: partially

In the Segerhof farmhouse museum in Wembach, the Black Forest is still "back in the day". Here you can experience how people in the Black Forest lived over 300 years ago.

The Segerhof was built around 1680. The Black Forest house has remained almost unchanged in its originality to this day.

Ms. Rosa Seger managed the farm alone until 1985. She died in 87 at the age of 1990.

The State Monuments Office classified the farm as a “cultural monument of particular importance, the preservation of which there is an increased public interest” and is registered in the Baden-Württemberg monuments book.

Today the Segerhof gives its visitors a clear picture of the way our ancestors lived and worked. When a guest steps over the threshold of the house, he feels transported back in time.

The special thing about it is that the Segerhof in Wembach even has an open fireplace in the kitchen.

One has the impression that the farm is “alive” and the farmers are only in the field.

During the one hour tour you will see:

- the impressive facade under the mighty roof and the particularly large, black canopy in the west
- the black, two-story smoking kitchens, each with a whore .. (The house never had a chimney)
- the large parlor with art, wood stove and Herrgottswinkel
- the sleeping chambers on the upper floor
- the barn with agricultural implements and tools
- the stable where backwoods cows once stood

Visits with guided tours take place on Mondays and Wednesdays at 14 p.m. from May to October, upon registration on the same day by 11 a.m. at the tourist information office Schonau Telephone 07673/918130 instead.
Guided tours outside the opening times of the farmhouse museum are possible on request.

Meeting point: Hauptstr. 20 in 79677 Wembach
Black Forest region Ballon
Tourist Information Schönau
Neustadtstrasse 1
79677 Schönau in the Black Forest

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