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Dominican Museum Rottweil

Dominican Museum Rottweil

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Location: Rottweil
Suitable for prams: ja

The Rottweiler Dominican Museum was opened in 1992 as a branch museum of the Württembergisches Landesmuseum Stuttgart with an exhibition area of ​​around 1400m² and is divided into three departments.

The department ?? roman rottweil ?? arae flaviae ?? is a branch museum of the Archaeological State Museum Baden-Württemberg. As the only Roman city in the country, Rottweil is of particular importance. At the center of the exhibition is the Orpheus mosaic, but also a wooden writing board with the name of the city as a ?? municipium ?? from the year 186 AD, which identifies Rottweil as the oldest city in Baden-Württemberg. The proof of the high technical development of the Roman times is a tap for hot and cold water. The remains of a saddle that belonged to a mounted Roman soldier or a wooden shoe last are also rarities. Numerous finds made of ceramics, metal, glass and bone show everyday life in a Roman city with different social classes and professional groups, with civilians and soldiers, private and public buildings. Models and reconstructions complete the exhibition. From the end of May 2011 the department will be expanded and reopened in a modernized manner.

The section ?? sacred art of the Middle Ages ?? collection through ?? is a branch museum of the Württemberg State Museum and with around 180 wood carvings and panel paintings, it is the most important collection of Gothic sacred art alongside that of the Württemberg State Museum seblst. It contains outstanding works of art by Swabian sculptors from the late Gothic period. The collection of the dean Dr. Martin Dursch was acquired by King Wilhelm I of Württemberg in 1851 and given to the city of Rottweil. In 1881, a "Weckmann room" was created as a new unit in the department. furnished with outstanding works of art by the Ulm sculptor and an altarpiece reunited here for the first time in 1851 years.

In the ?? art room rottweil ?? museum of the present ?? changing exhibitions of contemporary art are shown. The area, which has been rebuilt since summer 2009, is now a platform for contemporary art that has not previously existed in the Rottweil district with its association of exhibitors from the Rottweil district, the Rottweil district savings bank, the Forum Kunst and the city of Rottweil. The various public and private collections in the region are presented here in a museum under the aspect of art history.