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Auto Museum Mühlhausen in Alsace

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Location: Mulhouse
Suitable for prams: ja

… according to the generally prevailing opinion, the MUSEE NATIONAL de L' AUTOMOBILE houses? the most beautiful car collection in the world! During your stay in Mulhouse, you should not miss getting to know this unique museum. The really "successful" guide signage and a restaurant right in the museum are pleasant and supportive side aspects that make your visit an unforgettable experience!
A truly extraordinary collection ...
and almost all other famous car brands are in the MUSEE NATIONAL DE L' AUTOMOBILE? represented in the collection of 500 vehicles. You will find a total of 464 automobiles from 98 different manufacturers! A unique and impressive show in honor of the automobile - from its beginnings to the present day. And as a highlight, probably the most valuable vehicle in the world: Ettore Bugatti's personal "ROYALE"...
All of these fantastically beautiful vehicles are exhibited in a spacious former wool spinning hall that was equipped in an enchanting way:
On an area of ​​20.000 m² you walk through wide avenues almost 2km long under antique lampposts and past the entire Schlumpf collection.
Not an everyday walk ...
The car ?? an everyday object today ?? has aroused enthusiasm and passion among famous people and specialists since its invention.

... there are cars from Charlie Chaplin, President Poincare, Emperor Bao Dai, Juan Manuel Fangio, Maurice Trintignant and many others. They testify to the passion for cars and the preference of their owners ...

By the way, every vehicle on display is a real gem, because from the ingenious Jaquet built in 1878 to the Formula 1 FERRARI of recent years, visitors can see direct evidence of the inventive spirit and the work of those who have made significant contributions to the history of the automobile.

Racing cars, prestige sedans, “Taxi de la Marne”, prototypes, chassis, engines? these marvels, admired from all over the world, were collected there.