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Mundenhof animal enclosure, Freiburg

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Location: Freiburg
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The Mundenhof in Freiburg is a true gem for animal lovers and offers a unique opportunity to experience wild animals up close. Located on the outskirts of the city of Freiburg, the Mundenhof animal enclosure covers an area of ​​more than 38 hectares and is home to a variety of rare and exotic animals from all over the world.

The Mundenhof is not only an animal enclosure, but also a place for leisure and education for the whole family. Here you can leave everyday life behind and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of animals, while at the same time learning more about the different species and their needs. The animal enclosure Mundenhof attaches great importance to animal welfare and sustainability and offers its animal residents spacious and species-appropriate enclosures that are based on the natural habitats of the animals.

A visit to the Mundenhof is not only exciting and instructive, but also an important contribution to the protection and preservation of the animal world. Because the Mundenhof is largely financed by donations and subsidies and can offer the animals a species-appropriate home through your visit.

Free entry

Admission to the Mundenhof is free, but those arriving by car must pay a parking fee.

The diverse animal world in the Mundenhof

In the animal enclosure Mundenhof you can expect numerous animal inhabitants from different parts of the world. From native wild animals such as red deer, wild boar and foxes to exotic animals such as zebras, llamas and kangaroos to rare and endangered species such as the European bison or the - there is something for every animal lover to discover in the Mundenhof.

A special highlight are the different species of monkeys that live in the Mundenhof. Here you can watch capuchin monkeys, common marmosets and ring-tailed lemurs practicing their acrobatic climbing skills and learn more about their fascinating social behavior. The cute meerkats that live in a large group in the Mundenhof are also a real crowd puller and provide plenty of entertainment with their curious and playful nature.

The Mundenhof is not only a home for mammals, but also offers many bird species a species-appropriate habitat. For example, you can marvel at eagle owls, peacocks, storks and owls and admire their impressive flying skills. Reptiles and amphibians also find a home in the Mundenhof: in the terrariums you can get to know various species of snakes, turtles and frogs and learn more about their fascinating ways of life.

Family-friendly activities in the Mundenhof

The Mundenhof offers a variety of activities and events for the whole family that make a visit to the animal enclosure one unforgettable experience make. There is a varied adventure playground for younger visitors where they can let off steam to their heart's content. Here you can climb, slide and swing while the parents relax in the nearby beer garden and enjoy the idyllic atmosphere of the Mundenhof.

Another highlight for children is the petting zoo, where they can seek direct contact with the animals and enjoy being petted. Here they can experience goats, sheep and rabbits up close and learn how to treat the animals with respect and care. Pony rides are also offered in the Mundenhof and enable young visitors to experience the world of horses up close and learn how to deal with the four-legged friends in a playful way.

In addition, guided tours, workshops and events on the subject of animals and nature are regularly offered in the Mundenhof. Here you and your family can find out more about the different animal species, get exciting insights into the work of the animal keepers or experience unforgettable moments together at special events such as the Mundenhof animal festival or the wilderness cinema.

The history of the Mundenhof

The history of the Mundenhof goes back a long way: the site was used as an agricultural business as early as the 9th century, and over the centuries the Mundenhof changed hands and uses several times. In 1968, the area was finally acquired by the city of Freiburg, which set up an animal enclosure there to give the city's citizens the opportunity to get to know the local wildlife better.

Over the years, the Mundenhof animal enclosure has been continuously expanded and modernized to meet the needs of the animals and to offer visitors an even more impressive experience. Today, the Mundenhof is home to more than 180 animal species, making it one of the largest and most diverse animal enclosures in Germany.

The special atmosphere of the Mundenhof is not only due to the impressive animal world, but also to the historic buildings and the idyllic landscape that characterize the site. In the Mundenhof, for example, you can admire the former manor house and numerous listed Black Forest courtyards and barns from the 18th and 19th centuries, which are now used as restaurants or event locations, among other things.

The educational aspect of the Mundenhof

The Mundenhof sees itself not only as an animal enclosure, but also as an educational and meeting place that wants to convey knowledge and understanding of the needs of animals and the connections in nature to its visitors. In addition, numerous educational offers and events are offered in the Mundenhof, which are aimed at children, young people and adults.

An important part of the educational offer in the Mundenhof are the regular guided tours through the animal enclosure, where experienced animal keepers and biologists offer visitors exciting insights into the world of animals. Here you can find out more about the different animal species and their natural habitats, learn how to keep and care for the animals in a species-appropriate manner and receive valuable tips for treating the animal residents with respect.

Popular are also the various workshops and project days that are aimed at school classes and kindergarten groups and offer children the opportunity to discover animals and nature in a playful way. Here, for example, they can help feed the animals, build nesting boxes for birds or help maintain the enclosures.

What makes the Mundenhof special?

The Mundenhof differs from other zoos and animal parks in many ways. On the one hand, due to its historical buildings and the idyllic landscape in which it is located, the animal enclosure is a particularly atmospheric place where you can experience nature and the animal world in all its fascination. On the other hand, the Mundenhof attaches great importance to animal welfare and sustainability and offers its animal residents species-appropriate living conditions that are based on the natural habitats of the animals.

Another plus of the Mundenhof is the extensive educational offer, which is aimed at visitors of all ages and helps to promote understanding of the needs of animals and the relationships in nature. Through the regular guided tours, workshops and project days, visitors to the Mundenhof can not only experience the animals up close, but also gain valuable knowledge and new perspectives.

Another advantage of the Mundenhof is its central location in Freiburg. The animal enclosure is easily accessible by car, bicycle or public transport, making it ideal for a day trip or a weekend family outing. 

How do you get to the Mundenhof animal enclosure?

The Mundenhof is located in the Landwasser district of Freiburg and can be easily reached by car, bicycle or public transport. If you are arriving by car, you can take the A5 motorway to the Freiburg-Mitte exit and from there follow the signs to Landwasser and Mundenhof. Sufficient parking spaces are available on site.

Those who prefer to travel by bike can easily reach the Mundenhof via the cycle path along the Dreisam. The Mundenhof is also easy to reach by public transport.


Image courtesy of Stefan Asal - Datacreate Asal

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